10 Minute Marriage Challenge

Text Message Marriage Challenge for Couples!

We have heard your cries and are answering the call. After thousands of comments, suggestions, and requests, we FINALLY have a marriage challenge that is guaranteed to make sure you and your sweetie connect on a weekly basis. No more wishing your spouse would get on board, no more feeling like you are the only one making the effort. Marriage takes TWO people, and that’s why we came up with this! We are calling it our:

“10-Minute Marriage Challenge – a weekly text service for couples”.

And we are pretty sure it’s gonna knock your socks off.

A 3-month marriage challenge for couples with romance ideas texted to each of you separately! SO cool! #TheDatingDivas #MarriageChallenge

People have been telling us for years (and we mean YEARS!) that we need to start a “Dating Dudes” site. We love the idea but really, how many men read blogs? So many women on social media have reached out to us telling us they wish their husbands had a special Facebook group or Instagram account to follow to get romance ideas so it wasn’t always the ladies doing the work. Again… LOVE the idea! But while these same women wish for this kind of service for their hubby, the majority admit that their husband is never on social media and wouldn’t readily seek something like this out on his own anyway. On top of that, EVERYONE is busy these days with work and kids and life and… you get the picture.

So what’s the solution to getting your spouse more involved with ramping up the connection and romance in your marriage while STILL fitting it into a busy life?

The 10 Minute Marriage Challenge Text Service

10 Minute Marriage Challenge for Couples

Yep! We’ve got the answer. Picture this: a “love calendar” of sorts, with nothing on the to-do list except making sure you show your sweetie some affection that day. But this isn’t just any “love calendar”, this is a 3-month digital text message service that sends you small, actionable challenges to express love to your sweetheart that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Does it seem too good to be true? Just you wait, it gets better…

Since we know that marriage is a two-way street, we want both of you to take part in this challenge together. But where’s the fun in each of you getting the same text with the same idea? Can you say, LAME-O?! What if we told you that these digital, 3-month “love calendars” are available in “HIS” and “HERS” versions? That’s right! With our unique marriage challenge text service, each spouse will receive separate ideas straight to their phone so that husbands can surprise their wives and wives can surprise their husbands.

Is your jaw on the floor yet? You cannot find this kind of marriage challenge ANYwhere else, folks. Seriously!

How The Text Message Marriage Challenge Works

While our service is designed to function best as a couple, there will be 3 different versions you can choose from and it will be more clear to explain how it all works by breaking down each version individually.

“HER” Version of the Marriage Challenge

Text Messages For Her

Every Wednesday and Friday, wives will receive a text with a fun, flirty, romantic idea to do for your husband. Again, these are meant to take 10 minutes or less, and are chock full of unique, thoughtful, man-approved challenges to keep the spark alive! In addition to the Wednesday and Friday text, you will also automatically receive our “Get Your Date On” text each Monday that gives you a date idea for that upcoming Friday! Think of it as a little bonus to go above and beyond that week if you feel like a date night is needed! (And really, when is it not?)

Wives can enroll in this challenge on their own, and receive 2 text messages a week (plus the bonus date idea text on Monday!) for 3 straight months. This incredible, marriage-saving content is delivered directly to your phone for a 1-time payment of just $30! This comes out to $10 a month, for weekly, done-for-you ideas that will bring you and your husband closer together than ever before. No other relationship in your life is more important than your marriage. And you can’t put a price on that!

Marriage Challenge Text Messages For Her

Enrollment opens up for pre-orders on June 27, 2018 (follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the coupon code for 30% off!)

Regular enrollment is open from June 28-30th at 11:59pm MST.

“HIS” Version of the Marriage Challenge

Text Messages For Him

Every Tuesday and Thursday, husbands will receive a separate, unique text with a simple, thoughtful, and loving idea to do for your wife. Just like the “her” version, these ideas will take 10 minutes or less and are guaranteed to make your wife melt. After all, this is created by women… and we know what we want. In addition, husbands will also automatically receive the same bonus “Get Your Date On” text on Monday that wives receive so that you can get planning for Friday!

Just like the wives, husbands can enroll in the challenge on their own. Husbands will receive 2 texts messages a week (plus the bonus Monday date idea text!) for 3 straight months for just $30. If you are a husband looking for a sure-fire way to your woman’s heart… take it from us (a team of more than 20 married women) THIS is how you do it. It’s the little things, done regularly, that let us know you care! You simply can’t afford to NOT do this challenge.

Marriage Challenge Text Messages for Him

Enrollment opens up for pre-orders on June 27, 2018 (follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the coupon code for 30% off!)

Regular enrollment is open from June 28-30th at 11:59pm MST.

“COUPLE’S” Version of the Marriage Challenge

10 Minutes Marriage Challenge Text Messages for Couples

Now, THIS is where the magic truly happens. The couple’s version is the combination of “his” and “hers”. The way we designed this marriage challenge, husbands and wives can (and should!) both sign up. Each one will receive 2 completely different text messages every week, plus the bonus Monday date idea text (hint: if you sign up as a couple you can take turns planning each week’s date!) This means that you each will get surprised by your sweetie on a weekly basis, and you will also have opportunities to show love in return! Isn’t it a BEAUTIFUL thing?!!!

And to show you how important it is that you and your spouse do this challenge together, we are discounting the “Couple’s” version. Instead of paying $30 for her and $30 for him, you can buy both versions in a bundle for only $50. That means for only $50 you and your sweetie will be doing loving acts of kindness and service to each other 4 days a week for 3 months PLUS you get a free date night idea sent straight to your phone. You’ll be surprising one another, connecting on a real and deep level, laughing, loving, and living your best lives… and you’ll be doing it all TOGETHER.

There’s really no getting around it. You and your sweetie need to be constantly reconnecting. Marriage is a two-way street that requires regular effort and daily commitment. The Dating Divas want to help you make your marriage a priority again and this 10-Minute Marriage Challenge will do just that. With a quick text message sent straight to your phone, you immediately have a brilliant, fun, love-inducing challenge thought out for you that can be done in a matter of minutes. You need this. Your marriage needs this.

10 Minute Marriage Challenge Text Service For Couples

Enrollment opens up for pre-orders on June 27, 2018 (follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the coupon code for 30% off!)

Regular enrollment is open from June 28-30th at 11:59pm MST.

Limited Enrollment for our Marriage Challenge

3 Month Marriage Challenge Text Service for Couples

 Enrollment in our 3-month Marriage Challenge only opens a few times a year. Follow us on social media to make sure you never miss when the doors open, and if you are reading this and not seeing anywhere to “buy now”, get on our wait-list here!

Due to the nature of our text message service, there are no refunds.

Currently available to US residents only. If you do not live in the US and are interested in signing up, get on our wait-list here!



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