These Inspiring Spaces Will Make You Rethink Accent Walls

Remember when painting one wall in a room was the go-to solution for home owners looking to add a “splash of color” to their beige-centric homes? The “accent wall”, as it were, swept the globe in the ’90s and ’00s, becoming the interior design version of dying your hair bright pink to prove you were fun. While it’s easy to make fun of trends-gone-by, it turns out this concept actually can yield some highly desirable results, even today. Here are 10 rooms that prove accent walls still are, and should be, a thing.


Adding an accent to your accent wall? Now that’s a fresh take on the trend. The DIY gold moulding that surrounds this botanical-inspired accent wall makes the space feel ultra luxe.

Go Dark

(Image credit: reader Mary)

Don’t be afraid to go dark. The charcoal accent wall in this nursery makes the white furniture feel lighter and brighter in contrast.


The tropical-patterned accent wallpaper in this Seattle craftsman accentuates the wall behind the headboard, making the bed feel more grounded. Added bonus, the natural palm pattern makes this room feel a little like a jungle oasis in the midst of an overcast climate.


(Image credit: Nicole Crowder)

Painting only one wall means a broader range of colors are on the table. This bright red might be overpowering if it were on all four walls of this itty bitty dining nook, but the one vibrant accent wall feels exciting and pulls the rest of the decor together.


If bold colors aren’t your thing, a neutral accent wall will add dimension to your design without compromising your color(less) palette. This cozy modern Dutch bedroom feels very organic with a dark taupe accent wall behind a substantial wooden bed and minimal blue and green accents.


The eye-catching cowboy wallpaper in this Mid-Century-Meets-Marfa home office proves that accent walls can also be focal walls. Large, unexpected patterns like this are easiest to pull off in small spaces… but don’t let us fence you in, John Wayne.

Moody Blues

Amelie Mancini’s brooding living room feels rich in history and grounded with sturdy, well made furniture. In this well-balanced room, complementary yellow sofa in a buttery hue and light, neutral rugs break up an otherwise dark color scheme.

As is apparent by these 10 expertly “accented” rooms, accent walls can work in any home, not matter what the style. Whether your preference is wallpaper, plaster, or paint, we fully support your rebellious, devil-may-care attitude when it comes to adding color to any one wall of your choosing.



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