Cheap and Easy Art Ideas That’ll Refresh Your Tired Old Walls

How’s your living room looking right now? I’ll be honest. I haven’t added anything to my walls in YEARS, and it’s feeling a little less-than-stellar lately. They are blank spots, along with things I’m just plain tired of looking at, and I definitely feel the need to freshen things up. Art is one answer, and inexpensive DIY art is an even better one.

This abstract diptych cost less $100 and took about one hour for Sarah of Room for Tuesday to make. She started with an already framed piece of art from HomeGoods, and painted over the existing image. It was just the neutral, yet interesting, statement she wanted for her newly decorating living room.

Metta of Monsters Circus always has great, doable DIY decorating ideas, and this easy project joins her long list of successes. She mapped out a basic design with painters tape to create a colorful, graphic, one-of-a-kind piece of artwork that costs very little to pull off.

If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, download something instead. Ashley of Sugar & Cloth posted this fun printable fruit image for free, in different sizes, which fit inexpensive IKEA frames.

This fabric flag was created with adhesive fabric letters, which were then ironed onto basic muslin. Get the full tutorial from Erin of Francois Et Moi then hang your new tapestry on the wall in just minutes.

Remember doing this as a kid? Create a family portrait using simple silhouettes that are done in under an hour. Lidy created this set, which she showed on Curbly, and it’s such a great personal way to decorate your space.

If you are up for some basic woodworking, try out this four-piece wall hanging—what Katie from Addicted2Decorating calls “southwestern farmhouse style” for her entryway. Great shape and texture!

If you are out of wall space, how about a hanging mobile instead? Indulge your love for both brass and plants with this DIY hanging art from Ruffled. Use metal sheets and tin snips to create heart leaf philodendron, or pilea, seen above.

I love when people translate higher end design into accessible decor, and these yarn wall hangings do just that. Francesca from Fall for DIY made these from plywood and yarn, and I love how they add a colorful 3D effect to your walls.



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