Someone DIYed a Mini Grill out of an Aluminum Can

Summer is officially here! That means that everyone you know is going to start throwing a BBQ every weekend. There is something about grilled food on summer days that makes it taste so much better than during the spring, fall, and winter. Do you love the taste of a grilled hot dog, but don’t actually have space to grill at home? Not having a backyard can really stink during the summer months.

Worry no more, the folks over at Mr. Useful have got a hack just for that. It is kind of what they do. Apparently, you can grill a hot dog in an aluminum can. This will take up virtually no space at all, so you don’t have to stress about finding space for yet another kitchen essential.

For this DIY project you’ll need:

  • One aluminum can
  • A permanent marker
  • Scissors
  • A drill
  • 12 hex nuts
  • 4 large machine screws
  • 4 small machine screws
  • A hinge
  • A tiny handle
  • Wire
  • Charcoal

To start, you’re going to mark off the halfway point on the aluminum can (vertically) then cut it in half. On the bottom half of the can, you’ll drill four holes, then use 8 of the hex nuts and the 4 large machine screws to create the “legs” of the grill.

To attach the top and bottom portions of the grill can, you’ll use the hinge, 4 small machine screws, and 4 hex nuts to hold everything in place. Using the wire, you can bend it to create a grill top.

All you’ll need to do after that is toss in a bit of charcoal and lit it (using a lighter or a flame gun) and then you can get to cooking!

Some commenters on YouTube suggested using a giant aluminum juice can to cook larger items like chicken and steak on this DIY grill.

You can watch the entire process in Mr. Useful’s video below! Would you try something like this at home?

H/T: Design Bloom



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