This $15 Organizer Is a Lifesaver for Your Worst Kitchen Mess

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and sadly, the smaller the kitchen, the harder it is to find the storage room to stay organized. While some of us are lucky enough to have proper pantries to nicely stash our kitchenwares, many of us are forced to forge our own storage solutions inside our cramped cooking spaces.

Thankfully we’re here to help. We found a game-changing kitchen organizer that can corral all of your kitchen wraps—think: aluminum foil, plastic sandwich bags, and parchment paper—in one stylish place. And the best part? It’ll only set you back 15 bucks.

So what is it exactly?

The YouCopia WrapStand Kitchen Wrap Organizer is the answer to all of your kitchen wrap storage problems. Designed with adjustable wire “shelves” that can be positioned to an assortment of differently shaped boxes–including bulky “family size” ones—this miniature miracle worker can store up to eight freakin’ boxes at once, all in one small footprint. Even better, it’s made from durable ABS plastic and features coated steel wires, so it wipes clean with nothing more than a damp cloth.

And what does it do?

Forget that it’s less than a foot tall, this petite powerhouse can transform your kitchen countertop (and just about any cabinet or pantry) into a streamlined storage display in seconds. Not only can this tiny storage tower hold up to eight boxes at once, it also doubles as an awesome food bag dispenser—no mounting or installation necessary.

And if that weren’t enough, this stylish storage tower is also totally transportable. Translation: you can pick it up and carry it to work, or a picnic, or wherever you need quick access to your kitchen wraps, like a cute little plastic bag caddy.

How this buy will improve your life—for cheap

Along with reducing clutter and maximizing space, this clever vertical storage stand makes lunch-making and leftover-wrapping a breeze.

As Amazon user whosaysidontcook explains in their verified five-star review of the wrap stand:

“I have one of the other types you see where it is a plastic coated white wire but this one is SOOOO much better! It is adjustable for all different sized products and the way the racks grab the product is awesome. This is what enables you to put products on their sides and lets you just pull a bag out. I love it!”

There you have it folks: The solution to all your pantry clutter is only $15 on Amazon—plus it’s Prime-eligible!

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