A 400-Square Foot San Francisco Home Was Furnished in Only 3 Months — House Call

Name: Prathima Nalluri
Location: Nopa (North of Panhandle) — San Francisco, California
Size: 400 square feet
Years lived in: 9 months, renting

I moved into my apartment about nine months ago with not much furniture except my bed and a console table. I know they say take your time to furnish your place but I did it in less than three months (and I don’t regret a single purchase!). I love spending time at home and I wanted to create a space which is airy and cozy at the same time.

My coffee table doubles as a dining table as there is no room for the latter. Also I don’t have a door between my living and sleeping area but I found a way to separate both!

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

I grew up in India and I have things in my apartment that remind me of home—a vintage map of the Indian subcontinent which I found on a road trip on the East Coast few years ago, a signed print by M.F. Hussain who is a famous Indian artist (it is also one of my favorite things in my apartment), and the large prints in my living room from Blockshop are made in Jaipur!

The large print is by M.F. Hussain, a famous Indian artist, this is signed by him! I treasure this one. The smaller painting is by me when I was 12 years old!

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

I love to travel and I have reminders of my travels sprinkled around in my apartment—like some woven baskets I found on my recent trip to Bali or the wooden piece of art in my bedroom, which was in my hotel room in Sri Lanka and I convinced the owner of the hotel to sell it to me because I was so in love with it! I have a terrible habit of never giving away/selling books and I keep lugging them around from apartment to apartment. I arranged them by color, and that corner in my living room always gets attention when I have people over.

I love the art in the entryway. It cheers it up every time I walk into the apartment.

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

I am lucky to have found a place I can afford and live by myself (especially in San Francisco!) with so much natural light. This apartment describes me so well and feels wholly mine.

I am lucky to have a place with large bay windows which bring ample light for my plants.

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Modern, airy, and eclectic.

I wanted neutral tones for my apartment so I can add colour through art and my books. The frame on the wall is from Sri Lanka. It was not easy to lug that back all the way to SF but it was definitely worth it!

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

Any advice for creating a home you love? Invest in furniture or art you love and know will keep around for a long time. Also buy candles, lots of them—a good candle makes a room so much more classy and luxurious.

(Image credit: Prathima Nalluri)

What is your favorite room and why? My favorite room has got to be the living room. This is where I spend most of my time when I am home. My couch is incredibly comfy and I am surrounded by art, books, and my monstera plant! But my favorite spot in the apartment is my couch by the bay windows in the bedroom. I love sitting there with a book and glass of wine. It’s a perfect spot to begin my day with a cup of coffee or end it with a glass of wine.

Thanks, Prathima!

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