Before and After: This Is Not the Most Practical Bathroom, But It’s Perhaps the Sexiest

This bathroom had a lot going for it—shiny floors, nice finishes, windows, generally spacious—but its owner’s feelings about it can be summed up in one photo caption: “Hey, the ’90s called and wants its bathroom back…” The cherry wood and ample amounts of beige are about to be replaced with bold black, bright white, and so much gold…

Argh, I love this! The black walls and high ceiling are so dramatic, and painting the storage and radiator/towel warmer black too opened up the space a lot. Jessica Hurrell of Gold Is A Neutral (Instagram: @gold_is_a_neutral) made over this massive bathroom and did an outstanding job. The floor feels traditional yet modern, the plants really emphasize how much light is pouring into the space, and the gold—the gold! We see a lot of gold accessories in bathrooms, but this one takes it to the next level. (Note: The sink, tub, taps, showerhead, shower knobs, and marble tiles were all given to Jessica by companies.)

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this bathroom (that I can tell from photos), but the cherry wood-brushed aluminum handles combo does feel a bit dated. If you still love it, great! But if, like Jessica, you don’t, perhaps you should consider brass…

That vanity has such a gorgeous sheen, and its strong presence ties together all of the brass elements in the entire room. There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, but my heart belongs to the fireplace painted the same color as the walls. Let’s have a closer look.

Hold the phone: There’s a built-in aquarium in the storage area. Why would anyone ever set themselves up for such a massive, built-in commitment? Bathrooms are already enough of a paint to clean, without having to clean an aquarium too.

Now, just look how elegant and understated this area is. There’s still just as much storage, but now it’s basically invisible—only the gleaming handles give away the game. Meanwhile, the marble countertop is the world’s most luxurious towel folding surface. But back to the fireplace: The fact that it’s both empty and painted black adds an element of glamorous mystery. Jessica cleverly had the builders build out the chimney breast so it’s all one width, instead of being notched as it was before.

Jessica wasn’t kidding when captioning a photo “Beige bath, beige shower, beige walls…” This stone is very nice and fancy, but it does all add up to a lot of beige. Ah, the ’90s: This bathroom is like the wardrobe on NewsRadio, minus Beth and Catherine.

Wow. I love vertical marble: It showcases the luxurious material in the way it deserves to be appreciated, and allows for closer inspection of its fascinating detail. Marble walls serve as statement walls or oversize works of art, providing a focal point in a room while serving a practical function. The play of the black-and-white floor and the black-and-white marble is also a treat. The wall between the shower and tub was removed, allowing for a much larger shower and a flowing floor plan.

Here’s how Jess feels now that this renovation is complete, and I have to say I agree:

I took a pretty uncompromising approach to this bathroom renovation. All that black, brass and marble might not make it the most practical room in the world, but it is the sexiest.

Thank you, Jess Hurrell and Gold Is A Neutral!



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