10 Michaels Money-Saving Tricks You’re Not Taking Advantage Of

You’ve clipped the coupons, you’ve scoured the weekly ads. But if you really want to save on all the bits and bobs at Michaels that fuel your DIY hobbies and home decor dreams, you’ve got to strategize. Here are 10 ways to maximize the savings.

1. Use competitors’ coupons

By all means clip those Michaels coupons (or better yet, download them on the app), but if you haven’t signed up to get coupons from the company’s competitors you’re missing out. Think other craft stores like JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, and Ben Franklin, of course, but also places like Target, Home Depot, and Walmart. Check the michaels.com policy page for a full list of competitors. Also, you might just want to print out a copy of the policy page and bring it with you. The web is filled with tales of frustrated shoppers who were refused a deal because the store manager had conflicting information about the rules.

2. Bring in a flyer and they’ll match the price

If you see an item that’s cheaper at any brick and mortar store, or online at any of Michaels’ competitor stores (check the policy page for a list), they’ll match the price and give you an extra 10% off to boot. This works even for purchases you made up to seven days prior.

You’ll need to show the clerk an ad to prove it, whether from a flyer or a printout from the web. And the item must be an identical match. Also, club stores like Costco don’t count. And according to the fine print, once they match the price, that’s it. You can’t use coupons on top of it. Again, be prepared to show the clerk the Michael’s policy page, just in case.

3. Use multiple coupons

Just because you used the “40% off one item” coupon doesn’t mean you can’t also use the “20% of your entire order” coupon. You just can’t use more than one of the same coupon in each order, or use it more than once a day.

4. Keep track of when the coupons come

You can always count on a weekly coupon of at least 40% to 50% off one item from Sunday through Thursday. But keep your eyes peeled for the “20% off your entire order” coupon, which comes a couple times a month. If you didn’t see it last week or the week before, it’s likely on its way, so wait on that big purchase until you see it.

But be sure to read the fine print on the coupons; many items, like books, are excluded.

5. Sign up for member rewards

Members get exclusive deals, like “Spend $25 and get a $10 gift card” and extra discounts, like 60% off an item instead of just 40%. Members also get early alerts for sales, birthday coupons, and receipt-free returns that go right back on your card or that you can have as cash, instead of store credit.

6. Use the app and opt in for text alerts

With the app, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to bring a coupon. Plus, the app often has different, and sometimes better, coupons—in addition to Daily Deals offered several times a week. And the text alerts come about eight times a month, alerting you to special offers and daily deals.

7. Check Facebook for time sensitive coupons and deals

Check the Michael’s Facebook page before you shop. Sometimes special deals and coupons can pop-up. But keep in mind they are sometimes only valid that day and just for a few hours.

8. Know when to shop

Time your shopping trip for Sunday, when the weekly sales start. Once a sale item runs out you’re out of luck because there are no rain checks on sale items. If you’re in the market for holiday or seasonal items, they’ll be 60% off the day after a holiday, and 80% off a few weeks later.

9. Decode the clearance tags

Green clearance stickers mean an item is newly marked down. If you don’t mind gambling a little, wait and see if it gets an orange tag, which means it’s at its final markdown price. Eventually the clearance stuff ends up in mystery grab bags that cost just $2 to $4. You won’t be able to open the bags to see what’s in them, but they can hide some great deals.

10. Buy online

Online deals and coupons are often different than weekly flyer savings, so it can actually pay to shop both in the brick-and-mortar and online. Plus, Michaels will match prices even on web items.

Technically, coupons aren’t supposed to be used more than once per day, but we’ve seen some shoppers get past this rule by shopping online. You can use the coupon in the store, then go online with different computers (home, work, phone, friends, etc.), and then shop using the app. Of course, separating out purchases into many smaller orders (if the order totals is less than $49) might be you lose out on free shipping.

However, some items aren’t eligible for free shipping, so stay vigilant to the total of your shopping cart. But it’s quite possible the stuff you want that’s not eligible for free shipping is actually available at your store, in which case you can order online and pick it up for free. If it’s not at your store, check other stores in your area and pick it up there. Since you can select the shipping and pickup method for each item, not just each order, you can choose different locations to pick up or ship. If all else fails, choose “ship to store” and pay a flat $4.95 fee.

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