This $6 Bathroom Staple Saves Me Money Every Day

I’m hardly a beauty product junkie, but as I’ve gotten older and more conscious about the ingredients I’m using on my skin, I’ve shifted from buying drugstore brand products to more higher-end, eco-friendly, and natural brands. And they don’t come cheap. So when I’ve spent almost $100 on a skincare product (I’m looking at you, Drunk Elephant’s Glycolic Night Serum), I want to use it until the last drop.

Enter this amazing $6 bathroom staple: the Every Drop Beauty Spatula. This tiny tool’s entire purpose for existing is to help you get every last bit of product out of the bottle, jar, or tube. It is, just as the name suggests, a tiny spatula—one that can easily maneuver in and out of the crevices where beauty products like to get stuck.

That includes getting the dregs at the bottom, but it also allows you to neatly scrape product off the sides, which is a definite bonus in terms of maximizing the power of your moisturizer (or eye cream, or serum… you get the picture). Using the beauty spatula usually nets me enough additional product for at least a few more applications, which definitely saves money in the long run.

I use it just as often to get things out of the tiny beauty product containers as I do to make sure I’m getting every last bit of conditioner out of my giant bottle. After all, a couple quick swipes of the beauty spatula certainly beats tapping a nearly-empty bottle against the shower wall, vainly hoping that the conditioner will magically run out of the bottle (You know you’ve been there, too).

In a pinch, you can also use the beauty spatula as a makeup blender. It’s easily washable and reusable and packs really well for travel, too. The handle is long enough to get to the bottom of almost any awkwardly-shaped pot or bottle, be it glass or plastic. Give it a try if you’re tired of wasting your pricey (or even affordable!) beauty products. The spatula will make sure your beauty staples are literally good to the last drop.

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