An Ingenious Way to Help You Decide What to Wear Each Day

The last thing you want to do each morning is paw through a tangled mess of jewelry to find the right necklace or earring pair when you’re running out the door. Having a beautiful display system can help you rediscover some favorite pieces, and these DIY jewelry organizers can handle your entire collection.

Chelsea’s necklace stand is as easy to build as LEGO. Ask your home improvement store to make the pipe cuts then assemble and fasten to a heavy base like a marble tile. Such a pretty and inexpensive way to keep your necklaces from getting tangled, as seen on Lovely Indeed.

While you could certainly buy a jewelry storage mirror, Laura shows you how to customize a DIY mirror to fit your needs exactly. All the steps are over on A Beautiful Mess. I love her addition of shelves for sunglasses and a bracelet holder!

These wooden necklace stands from Sinnen Rausch double as decor. Use any scrap wood you have to organize everything from dainty necklaces to statement bangles.

Never lose a pair of studs with repurposed thrifted frames. Machelle of A Joyful Riot swapped the picture frames’ glass with foam inserts to display her earrings.

Amanda Puleo has a velvet hanging option for stud organizing. This would be beautiful next to a mirror or hung up on the inside of a closet door.

Laura’s brass himmeli pyramid looks straight out of a design magazine and neatly displays larger earrings. See how it’s made over on A Beautiful Mess.

Resin is an amazing medium for customization. Try a resin ring cone and experiment with different add-ins (Luisa of Schere Leim Papier added Eucalyptus leaves to hers!).

Ama from Oh Oh Deco has a wall organizer that is one of my favorites because it works for almost the entire jewelry spectrum. If you have heavier pieces, try thin pipes and pipe straps instead of wood dowels and glue.

Make your jewelry collection feel like a boutique vignette. These wood and linen jewelry displays make use of T-pins to support everything from heavy, brass necklaces to thin bracelets.

This wood organizer from The Merry Thought is the perfect nightstand addition. Keep all your favorite pieces in one dock with a mirror for final checks.

DIY tested! I’ve made this earring dome, seen here from Almost Makes Perfect, before with a small addition: I added a small disc to fit underneath. This way I can just plop my studs into the dome organizer and keep all my earrings backs in the disc without having to match each pair up every time.

Little decorative dishes are the easiest way to make a mess look better. I use one hand dish by my bed to hold the day’s jewelry and another one in the bathroom to hold bobby pins. It’s so nice having a dedicated spot for small loose ends, without wondering if and where something has rolled away.



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