Watch These Historic Ruins Rebuilt As Modern Homes

The same creative minds responsible for virtually transforming the Simpsons’ Springfield house into an array of architectural styles are back with another batch of eye-catching imaginary design projects.

Graphic designers at NeoMam Studios have created various Photoshopped renderings of historic ruins that display the leftover remnants of dilapidated sites as modern luxury homes. Not only does this project emphasize the former beauty of these deserted spaces, it serves as major inspiration for anyone looking to adopt and preserve a ruins site.

Among the abandoned structures to receive the digital restoration treatment are: a previously hollowed out ruins site in the Philippines that has been updated to include a solid interior structure and an enclosed rooftop garden; an abandoned Australian desert dwelling-turned-stylish remote escape complete with a giant flower box fashioned out of a rusted automobile; another desert spot in Arizona imagined as a modern glass-accentuated home with curved driveway and surrounding greenery; the stone-clad Crofter’s Cottage in Scotland updated to include a repaired roof and a cozy upstairs loft; a hillside castle in Italy modernized with a series of glass windows; and the Chachamba House in the mountains of Peru, which virtually adjoins three structures with skylights by using the existing stone walls as its foundation.

Previously, NeoMam performed this same masterful design manipulation for a series of famous ancient ruins, including The Parthenon, Mexico’s Pyramid of the Sun and Nohoch Mul Pyramid, Italy’s Temple of Jupiter and Area Sacra di Largo Argentina, Milecastle 39 in England and Egypt’s Luxor Temple.

The design studio also brought us these super popular floor plans for some of our favorite TV homes, including Lorelai and Rory’s Gilmore Girls pad, the infamous White residence from Breaking Bad, the Bluths’ Newport Beach spot from Arrested Development and Eliot’s studio apartment made famous from its appearance on Mr. Robot.

See the rest over on Budget Direct.



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