​4 Ways to Hack Our Favorite $3 IKEA Organizing Staple

The magic of IKEA pieces is not only in their well-thought-out, small-space-maximizing design, but in the numerous ways each versatile piece can be repurposed and hacked. Here are four ways to transform one of our very favorite IKEA staples, the VARIERA bag dispenser, into more than meets the eye.

Store Workout Equipment

Vertical VARIERAs are the perfect circumference for storing rolled yoga mats and for stuffing exercise bands and the like; you can pull them out easily through VARIERAs holes or hang them from s-hooks suspended from the holes.

Keep Gift Wrapping Supplies Looking Pretty

Gift-giving is a pleasure and wrapping them can be too when your supplies are stored aesthetically and accessibly. Use the dead space in a closet to hang a vertical VARIERA full of wrapping paper.

Create a Vertical Planter

VARIERAs aren’t just for indoors. To eke out space for growing succulents, flowers or even strawberries, fill the bag holder with moss and dirt and use it as a planter.

Organize Cleaning Supplies by Task

By storing the cleaning tools and supplies you need for particular tasks together, you eliminate the brain drain of having to gather supplies when it comes time to, say, wash the windows or clean the car. The VARIERA , hung horizontally, is the perfect size for storing just what you need for each task, along with a few refills.

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