Handy Little $5 Amazon Add-on Items You Can’t Own Too Many of

While browsing on Amazon, you’ve likely seen some products with a little blue flag that says “Add-on Item.” What does that mean? In a nutshell it means you can’t have it unless you buy $25 worth of stuff.

Add-on items are usually lightweight and cheap—so much so that it costs Amazon more to ship it than it’s worth. Think Band-Aids, hair elastics and lip balm. Sure, there are other cheap, lightweight items for sale on Amazon that don’t get slapped with the add-on tag, but these are the ones deemed “cost-prohibitive” to ship on their own.

The thing is, Add-on items aren’t just cheap, they’re often practical too. These are the staples and stalwarts you need around the house, and since they’re offered at discount prices, they’re definitely worth “adding-on” to your cart.

You can’t buy an Add-on item unless you buy $25 worth of stuff that’s going to the same address and being shipped by Amazon, not other sellers. It could be all Add-ons, it could be stuff from other sellers and shipped by Amazon. Either way, your cart has to total at least $25 or the Add-ons will get automatically saved for later, and that $25 worth of stuff must be shipped by Amazon. If there’s an Add-on item you use a lot, check to see if it’s part of the Subscribe and Save program. If so, sign up and you won’t need to hit the $25 minimum to get it auto-delivered.

With that in mind, we scoured Amazon’s collection of Add-ons to find the most useful items for any household. It might be a good idea to add a few of these to your wish list, so next time your order hits the magic number, you can drop one in your cart. Here are some favorites.

Your stainless steel fridge’s best friend.

The ultimate chip clip.

Never forget.

For keeping crud out of your drain or no-no’s out of your garbage disposal.

For ballet buns, man buns, and whatever else needs some wrangling.

Essential for movers and shakers and online shoppers.

Because burnt food happens.

Can fix almost anything.

Fixes the things duct tape can’t.

Essential for Pinterest IRL.

Impossible to have too many.

For making soap scum and wall smudges disappear.

Hang just about anything with a hole or a hook.

For labeling those containers in style.

When you need a safety pin, nothing else will do.

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