Space is not the final frontier. But you need to embrace it.

Source: Longing/Masterfile

Space. It is not the final frontier. But negotiating what that means for YOU can make a difference.

A lot of conflict and related frustrations are due to us feeling “closed in.” No matter what you read, see on a newsstand, or hear on some morning show, the advice to “take time off” is difficult to do. Many people across the world feel guilty about taking time off, or even stopping work at the traditional 5:00 pm “end of day.” So when do we take time for our relationships? Substituting work for family time is every common. Checking off “what we need to do” at work is sometimes easier than knowing how to do relationship work with our families. So how do we create family and personal space to get away from work? The key is to rethinking what space means.

For one, think about creating “free” space to spend time with family and ourselves outside of work. This is often tough, because most often, there is no short term outcome, such as a salary. Research shows that time for family and relationship time benefits from scheduling just like our job commitments. Of course, scheduling is not fun or organic… but it serves as a moment to focus on our relationships or ourselves.

How so you schedule time for you? There is not one concrete answer. For some people, it may be taking a walk, for others it may be watching reality tv. Whatever it is, accept no negative judgments. And the use your space as an opportunity for growth and enlightenment. When you know you have your own space, your heart can open to new discussions and new opportunities.


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