Jojo Fletcher’s First Apartment Was a Pizza Lover’s Dream Come True

Welcome to My First Apartment! Whether it’s your first studio, a four-bedroom deep in the city shared with a handful of roommates, or even an entire house (lucky you!), there’s something special about moving into the first place that’s truly your own. In this series, we’ll showcase actors, artists, entrepreneurs, and beyond—asking them to revisit that oh-so-sweet nostalgia of newly-found freedom.

Since appearing on the 12th season of “The Bachelorette,” Jojo Fletcher has been keeping busy. She’s planning a wedding, releasing a new clothing line Fletch, and flipping houses with fiancée Jordan Rogers (they’re hard at work on their fourth project in Dallas). And if her schedule isn’t packed enough, she’s even using her real estate experience as a fitting ambassador for Marcus by Goldman Sachs, repping the company’s personal home-improvement loan options. (“I wish I had known that even on a tight budget there are so many [financing] options to renovate a space and make it your own in a really chic way,” Fletcher says.)

Since she’s lived the glam life in both the Bachelor and Bachelorette mansions, as well as a seriously stylish space of her own, we thought it would be fun to look back on Fletcher’s first foray into real estate: her first apartment. Read on as she reminisces on her first Dallas space:

My First Apartment: Jojo Fletcher

City: Dallas, Texas

Neighborhood: Victory Park

Size: 1,000 square feet

Rent: $1,350

How you paid your rent: Medical sales job!

Why you decided to live there: Up-and-coming area right next to House of Blues and American Airline Center. Always great music and fun events right next door.

What you did on the first night: Unpacked :/

Set the scene in three words: total.freaking.mess.

Roommates?: Nope, SOLO!

What we imagine Jojo’s first apartment looked like

(Image credit: Ana Hard Design)

Three things on your wall: Mirror, photographs, and abstract piece of wall art.

Worst idea you ever had in the apartment: Try to mount 60-inch TV by myself.

Uninvited strangers?: One time, my neighbor walked into my house, in the middle of the night, bringing a date home! (Got our apartments mixed up)

Best memory: There was one year that my brother, aunt, and cousin all lived in the same complex as me… Best memory was all those late nights we would walk down the hall to each others apartments and have spontaneous movie/popcorn nights.

Thing you hated most about living there: Traffic was a total nightmare getting in and out of my building on concert or game nights.

Thing you loved most about living there: 24-hour concierge service and the pizzeria attached to the building.

Song that will always take you back: “Airplanes” by B.O.B.

Smell that will always remind you of it: Pizza 🙂

Favorite piece of furniture: Wall-to-ceiling mirror

Happiest thing that happened there: Sitting on my computer one day and randomly coming across a page that had my sweet little dog on it. It was love at first site. Hopped in my car and drove four hours to pick him up that very same day!

First space to feel weirdly small: Closet

What you did on the last night: Sat on the patio and listened to the concert playing across the street.

Why did you move out? Landlord was selling his unit.

Did you get the security deposit back? Yes!

One item you still have today: Floor-to-ceiling mirror.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.



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