LEGO My Jell-O: The Dessert Now Has Building Block Molds

Jell-O is already one of the most fun foods. It’s just so jiggly! No matter how old you are, that wiggle is amusing. That’s why we have things like Jell-O shapes, Jell-O shots, and Jell-O wrestling.

Now Jell-O has just come out with the coolest new idea: Jell-O molds that let kids make edible blocks they can stack into cars, buildings, and animals, and still eat afterwards. Technically it’s designed for kids, but I am definitely going to need to play with these.

These new edible toys are called Jell-O Play, and they come in “build and eat kits” that include plastic molds for making Jell-O into building blocks. Basically, they’re big LEGO bricks made out of Jell-O. People have been putting Jell-O in molds and cookie cutters for decades. How did nobody think to make blocks out of them until now?

They come in kits to let you make certain shapes, but like LEGO, once you have the blocks, you can use your imagination and make whatever you want. Personally, I’m thinking “tower” might be the limits of my Jell-O block skills, but the Jungle kit makes a car that even has Jell-O wheels, and it’s available now for $4.99 on Amazon. The Ocean-themed kit has kids make a little Jell-O boat, and that kit is also $4.99 on Amazon and is expected to be in stock next week.

The new Jell-O Play line also includes Jell-O cutters, which look like extra-thick plastic cookie cutters for making cool Jell-O shapes, and they also have edible stickers so you can make your Jell-O dinosaurs extra-scary. From the commercial, it also looks like there will be “edible mud” and “edible sand,” because once you have a bunch of Jell-O dinosaurs and a Jell-O car, clearly you need some mud to roll around in.

This definitely seems like the sort of thing that could make an enormous mess, but most fun things do. It’s summer; the kids are going to be sticky for the next two months anyway. We might as well let them have fun with these jiggly, edible building blocks while it’s still warm enough to hose them off afterwards.

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