A Puppy for Everyone! (but not me…)

Y’all.  My mom got a puppy.  Meet Barkley Biggie Smalls, the Mini Schnauzer.

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?!  We are all in love!

Especially my mom.  She’s a smitten kitten for Mr. Barkly.

She brought him over to play on Tuesday.  He looks really big in these pictures compared to his actual size which is best described as a dog-like hamster.  He is so teeny tiny!  And when he runs, he kicks up all four legs at the same time like a sprinter.  Only, you know, he’s not a sprinter.  He’s more like a “letsrunohwaitletsnapinstead” kind of puppy.  Which is fine by me because I’m definitely more of a “letsnapinstead”-er myself.

And don’t even get me started on the kids.  They were beside themselves.  Especially because we went out to lunch and took Barkley with us.  My mom has this little canvas tote that she puts Barkley’s blanket in and he just snuggled right up and slept like a little baby through our entire lunch!  The kids thought that was the funniest thing ever and have since been trying to catch Daisy and shove her into a tote bag at our house.  That’s going about as well as you’d imagine.

When my dad passed away, my mom got two kittens.  They have been so good for her through the past almost six years.  They provided comfort and companionship in her home and even travel with her from time to time (though, very unwillingly…).  When my Grandma passed away in July, my mom almost immediately and subconsciously began looking for a puppy.  I hope that Barkley does for her now what those kittens did in the past.

And speaking of adorable puppies, my sister’s family just got a puppy, too!  Meet Honey…

Honey is a labradoodle and was a birthday present for my nephew, Tillman, who actually wanted a hamster but since Ginny is opposed to hamsters (which personally offends me as my love for our Gus is deep and true), she got him a dog instead.

I don’t know.

Her system of logic seems flawed to me, but you do you, boo.

Ginny has stairs in her house and my favorite part of puppy envy so far has been watching Honey learn to walk down them.  She’s so big and floppy (and only four months old!) that she just couldn’t get those big paws working right, darn it.


So, we have lots of extra fluffy, floppy, adorableness to love on in our family.  Which is always good.  There should be more fluffy, floppy adorableness in the world.  Which is why I think I should get a puppy, too.  To help the world.  To save the world, actually.

Here, love my puppy and go forth into the world with puppy breath.

I’m like an angel, really.


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