The End is Near

This week we had Meet the Teacher night at the kids’ school.  Both of them got really great teachers this year and I am anticipating another great school year for both of them.

I even signed up to be a weekly volunteer in Gracie’s classroom for a few hours every week.  I’ve never been able to volunteer up at their school because I was a teacher, but being out of the classroom this year will give me a little more flexibility in my schedule.  Gracie and I were really excited about this.  Bean is not quite sure about having his mom around the school more…  🙂

Our school supplies are bought.  Our first day outfits are picked out.  Back to school haircuts have been made.  New sneakers are in our closets.  I think we are ready to go back to school now.

Just don’t tell that to my kids.  They have been resisting the back to school hustle pretty hard this week.  “It’s not time YET, Mom!” they remind me when I say something about it.  “We still have THREE days!”

And normally, I’m right there with them.  But this year, I am actually ready for the kids to go back to school.  Probably because I’m not going back to school with them for the first time since they’ve been in school.  I’m excited to have the house to myself to work for uninterrupted periods of time.  I’m excited about a new family schedule and a new work schedule.  I’m even excited for after school sports and activities to start up.  My kids have been unstructured this summer – we all have, really – and they need some routine.

But my kids are all, “NOT YET!” and I’m all “FLY FROM THE NEST, LITTLE BIRDS!”

But I will certainly miss these knuckleheads around the house when they go back to school on Monday.


Actually, probably not.

No.  Definitely not.


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