One Airport Has Kittens to Cuddle for Stressed Travelers

Traveling can be very exciting because it means you’re getting away from your everyday life for a little bit. Maybe you’re going on a fabulous vacation or on a trip to visit friends and family. Even if you’re traveling for work, getting to jet off to a different city and stay in a 5-star hotel is always nice. However, as exciting as traveling might be, getting through an airport can be stressful.

Checking your bag is the first hurdle. Why do we have to pay $25 just to store our bags under the plane? And, they cannot be over 50 pounds or else we get slapped with a heavy fee. The worst part about the airport experience, no matter where you are traveling, is security. In some airports, travelers can get stuck in the TSA lines for well over an hour.

If you’re not stressed out from getting to the airport, checking your bag, or getting through security unscathed, then typically a gate change might throw off your travel plans. But if any of these things happens to you at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, there is a solution to help ease your stress. Kittens!

According to WCNC, the North Carolina airport will had a special Kitten Cuddle August 8th, where they hosted 10 cute kittens from the CMPD Animal Care and Control. The kittens were brought to the airport so stressed out passengers could fawn over them and cuddle with the kittens.

Every cat owners knows that a cats purr has an almost healing like power. If you’re feeling sad or stressed, laying with a cat that is purring for a few minutes can almost instantly ease a bit of your tension. This isn’t a placebo effect, a cats purr is actually helpful. According to research, a cats purr has 26 Hertz, which is the frequency that scientists use for vibrational therapies to promote tissue regeneration.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport isn’t the first airport to have cats brought in for travelers. Previously, Denver International Airport and Calgary International Airport have done this as well. Hopefully more airports introduce cats to their gates. Can you imagine if there was a kitten to snuggle at every security checkpoint at the airport? That is the dream.

H/T: Southern Living



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