Alert: Instagram’s Favorite “It” Plant Is Back at Costco

Great news, plant parents: the Instagram favorite fiddle leaf fig tree appears to be back in stock at select Costco locations across the country.

You might remember how excited we got to spot them at a Michigan location last year (Auburn Hills) where they were around six feet tall and under $50 ($46.99 to be exact).

Our plant sleuth Kaitlin Flannery just let us know that the leafy tree is back at Auburn Hills, though they are smaller in size and in price.

Yep, the warehouse retailer has 10-inch fiddle leafs for just $15.99 at the Auburn Hills location. If you’re worried about the quality of the plants, Kaitlin reports that the one she purchased from Costco last year is still thriving.

We also received news of taller (about four feet) fiddle leafs at a Costco in Los Angeles. Our former design editor (and current editorial director for Emily Henderson) Arlyn Hernandez snagged one for a mere $29.99. She tells Apartment Therapy she’s skeptical there would be any left, though, as people were snatching them up.

We have reached out to Costco for more information on how often they stock fiddle leaf figs and at which stores, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

If your local Costco is fresh out of fiddle leaf figs, though, don’t fret: Another Insta-fave, the monstera, is available on for $42.99 in either a white or black pot.

If you’ve spotted the pretty plant in your nearby store, tell us in the comments (after you’ve grabbed one for yourself, of course).



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