Get the Original Robot Vacuum for 34 Percent Off Today Only on Amazon

There are some household chores that, for whatever reason, we can harbor a deep personal hatred for. For some people, folding clothes or doing dishes can be relaxing, and for others feel like literal torture. If you are one of those people who feels that way about vacuuming, we have the deal for you. (If you’re one of those people who actually truly loves vacuuming, congrats, and what’s your secret?)

For today only, Amazon is selling the iRobot Roomba 850 for $290, or 34 percent off. For context, newer models can cost as much as $899. And while there are certain bells and whistles these more updated versions have, the 850 model is still a good buy with nearly every feature you could want. (One thing later models do have an edge on the 850 with? Remote start by app, meaning you can be truly lazy and clean your apartment when you’re not even there.)

So what do you get with the 850 model? A robot that will do the hard work of cleaning for you, and even can sense obstacles like walls, cliffs, and curtains to navigate your place for a better clean. And while you won’t have the option of starting him via app, you will be able to start it with a remote, meaning you can do it from bed or the couch with your heels kicked up.

The 850 also re-docks itself to charge, meaning you won’t have to remember to do that, either. Sensors also auto-adjust to floor types, making it good on both hard floors and rugs and carpet.

As the proud owner of a Roomba, I’ve found that daily use will never replace the occasional deep clean, but does make carpets and floors look cleaner for longer. (For proof, the amount of debris gathered tends to go down over time with regular use.) For homes that require more frequent cleaning, like people with pets, its also a huge time saver and a lot more realistic than remembering to lug out a traditional vacuum out of storage.

But even non-pet owners can enjoy the feeling of pressing a button and having a hated task taken care of. Now if only that wardrobe that folds your laundry for you could go on sale, too.

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