The $18 Way to Come Home Happy Every Single Day

The search for nice doormats is long and hard (picky, first time homeowner here) but I love them because they make me happy when I come home every day. It’s easy to customize a basic doormat, so let your home’s personality shine with a little DIY.

Only have 15 minutes? This might be the quickest project of them all but it still added a new pattern element to Amy’s front porch that feels delightfully modern. This would be an easy way to tie in other patterns on your porch too.

Let guests know they’re at the right house with a surname sign. Laura of A Beautiful Mess made her own stencil with contact paper to get that adorable positive/negative house design just right.

Honestly, I could stand at Caitlin’s door just staring at this gorgeous, hand painted floor mat and forget to knock. I never thought to treat a basic doormat as a mural canvas, but now I can’t wait to try.

There’s no such thing as too many plants. Erin at Clever Bloom bought some lush green vibes down to the floor with a vibrant, monstera leaf print.

Feel free to get a little cheeky with your doormat. Personal favorites include this one from Settling in Sawdust, or “This House Runs on Coffee, Target, and Amazon Prime,” and “Come On In, We’re Not Ready.” Also good contenders are movie quotes and song lyrics. “Hello from the Other Side” anyone?

Rachel’s doormat, seen on Curbly, keeps it simple with an easily repeatable geometric design and adds personality with color.

Start with a circle mat, end up with two fun, fruity welcomes. Brittany, a.k.a. The House That Lars Built, made a coordinating pair for her front and back entrances, and I have to say, they really punch up the curb appeal.

Try a loose, script font without the need for a stencil. The Craftables pays homage to their favorite Disney movie, but I think this style would be perfect for your family’s last name with an “Established” date.

Try Our Most Welcoming DIY



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