43 Stylish Vanity Mirrors To Update Your Bathroom or Makeup Table

Whether you are there for a minute or an hour, chances are you spend some time with your vanity mirror on a daily basis. Not only is it an essential in any bathroom, but it also has the ability to completely change up or update the aesthetic of a space. Mirrors are an amazingly simple way to bring both light and dimension into a room and they come in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking to trade in that cramped feeling that your small bathroom has for a more a more spacious vibe or you’re yearning for the perfect, eye-catching focal point for your makeup table, a vanity mirror is the way to go!

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Wood & Metal Vanity Mirror: Wood and metal meld together to create a design that is elegant enough for the modern home, yet edgy enough to use in an industrial style setup. We adore the earthy chestnut finish paired with the antique black iron on this mirror and we were stoked to find out that it can be hung either vertically or horizontally!

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Drop Wall Mirror: This teardrop design steers away from the traditional rectangular or square mirrors to create a minimilstic treat. If you want something simple but with a bit of unique flair, changing up the shape of your vanity mirror is a great way to go.


Enter Mirror by Ferm Living: Everyone’s eyes will be magnetically drawn to the leather buckle that adds such a pleasingly offbeat appeal to this otherwise simple mirror. A Nordic style piece that would look amazing paired with Scandinavian decor.

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Ikea STOCKHOLM Mirror: We love IKEA for being affordable, stylish, and practical and this STOCKHOLM mirror is no exception. Its sleek wooden edging not only adds some major charm to this mirror, but it is also fantastic for storing small items. Available in Walnut Veneer and Ash Veneer (shown).


Modern Wooden Finish Vanity Mirror: The soft shape, warm finish and mega affordability of this mirror make it an absolute steal. Effortlessly stand it on the counter with its swing stand or mount in on the wall and have a small hanging rod.

$234BUY IT

Reclaimed Wood Vanity Mirror: Rustic, earthy, and oh-so stylish! This reclaimed wood mirror with its slat wood design in a warm weathered finish is the perfect fit for cottage or farmhouse style decor.

$135BUY IT

Industrial Style Bathroom Vanity Mirror: Planning on embracing industrial style decor in a big way? Then this mixed media mirror is a must-have! A double framed beauty that is sure to get some attention with its unique build highlighted by copper accents.


Round Hanging Wall Mirror: Modern beauty doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. Coming in at under $100, the chic metal frame paired with a hanging rope on this vanity mirror is a dynamic combo that is both striking and simple.


Hexagonal Hanging Vanity Mirror: This geometric marvel seduced us right off the bat with its honeycomb shape and intricate hanging strap. For an extra captivating vanity, you may even want to consider hanging three of these side by side at varying heights.


Rope Vanity Mirror: Just what the captain ordered! These nautical-inspired mirrors are fun and textural pieces that help bring a bit of that relaxing beachy vibe right in to your home. Available in multiple shapes and sizes.


Rustic Arch Shaped Distressed Wood Vanity Mirror: This rustic mirror looks stunning either open or closed. With its distressed finish and shutter design its a great addition to any farmhouse decor.

$176BUY IT

Rustic Style Vanity Mirror: This handcrafted mirror infuses any room with unmatched character due to its handpainted turquoise finish and unusual design. Available in two sizes.


Small Round Vanity Mirror: An elegant gold finish, 360-degree swivel, and lightweight design make this a fantastic mirror for makeup sessions. This functional and decorative mirror is a wonderful choice for a makeup table or counter top.


Antique Pewter Vanity Mirror With Embossed Roses: Feel like a queen with this ornate mirror! With embossed roses scrolling over its frame and an antique pewter finish, this piece brings a bit of old world charm in to the modern era.

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Art Nouveau Style Vanity Table Mirror with Stand: Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? We imagine this is the mirror that a modern day Snow White might have! Not only is it beautifully ornate, but it is perfect to hold your jewelry or cosmetics.

$999BUY IT

Antique White Wood Finish Bathroom Vanity Mirror With Matching Sink: This vanity and mirror come as a package, so there is no guessing on whether or not your new mirror will match your bathroom! A classy option for traditional or transitional homes.


Princess Style White Oval Vanity Mirror: Every little girls dreams about being a princess at least once. Make her dreams come true with this white oval vanity mirror. We definitely think that Belle or Snow White would approve! Available in two sizes.

$328BUY IT

Decorative Bird Branch Vanity Mirror: Mother Nature continues to be the ultimate Influencer and we can definitely see her impact when it comes to this fun mirror. Complete with a branch style frame with a perched bird, its like having a piece of the wild directly over your vanity.

$379BUY IT

Ceiling Hung Vanity Mirror: You may have considered a wall mounted mirror or free standing, but what about ceiling hung? This unique mirror is available in 7 finishes.

$140BUY IT

Chiseled Edge Oval Vanity Mirror: A simple oval mirror has been taken to a new level with the addition of a chiseled edge. The texture that the chiseling provides is absolutely captivating, making it a must-have for modern or farmhouse homes. Available in two sizes.

$290BUY IT

Hollywood Style Makeup Vanity Mirror: This Hollywood style mirror will have you primped, proper, and ready for your close-up! Its freestanding design includes 12 LEDs that help make sure you get a flawless makeup job every time.

$256BUY IT

Rectangular Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror With LED Bulbs: We can’t guarantee that this mirror will make you look like a movie star, but a little extra light goes a long way when it comes to makeup application. This lighted statement piece helps you get it right every time with 14 dimmable LED bulbs that help illuminate both you and a your decor. Available in Black or White (shown).

$170BUY IT

Vanity Mirror Table: Sometimes the bathroom vanity just isn’t enough, so cue a separate makeup table. This table is a fabulous find with its two drawer storage, a bright white finish, and built-in mirror.

$129BUY IT

Kids’ Vanity Table With Mirror: Give that mini beauty queen in your life her own space with this adorable kid’s vanity table. It comes equipped with a sweet floral design, a drawer, and a small mirror.

$2035BUY IT

Sunset Mirror: Mother nature’s inspiration fuses with modern style to bring you this sunset mirror. Its not just a mirror, but also a piece of wall art! If you don’t think this mirror is quite for your vanity, note that it also serves as an excellent decorative wall mirror for other rooms as well.


Modern Round Frameless Vanity Mirror: We get that not everyone wants an intricate design for their vanity mirror, so we made sure to scope out a simple option. This versatile mirror matches any decor and is ultra-modern with its frameless beveled edge.


Ikea STORJORM Vanity Mirror: This mirror is sure to impress with its soft glow and modern design. The perfect way to add a bit of secondary lighting to a bathroom. Bonus: The LED lights on this mirror consume up to 85% less energy and lasts 20 times longer than incandescent bulbs.


Round Lighted Bathroom Vanity Mirror: Brighten up a dark wall with this lighted vanity mirror. It is an affordable and modern piece that comes in two sizes.

$945BUY IT

Luxury Designer Vanity Mirror: Wall art isn’t just for canvases anymore! This luxury vanity mirror with its abstract swirls is both functional and decorative. It makes a great night light and is available in 3 sizes.

$416BUY IT

Oval LED Lit Bathroom Mirror: Light it up with designer style with this oval LED lit vanity mirror. This design is super sleek with its polished edges and frosted light ring. It is also waterproof, making it an ideal pick for the bathroom.

$190BUY IT

Frameless Rectangular Lighted Double Vanity Mirror: A classic double vanity mirror gets a modern makeover thanks to a touch button that activates a surrounding glow. This mirror also boasts to eliminate the problem of fogging and is available in multiple sizes.

$520BUY IT

Double Vanity Mirror With Lighted LED Frame: Framed with a heavenly glow, this double vanity mirror is both practical and fierce. The soft, diffused light that it gives off will boost the ambiance in any room.

$200BUY IT

Rectangular LED Lit Bathroom Mirror With Built In Speaker: If you’re the type that loves to sing in the shower then we have the mirror for you! This Bluetooth mirror with a built-in speaker is available in multiple sizes. With its anti-fogging capabilities, it is ideal for extra steamy bathrooms.

$347BUY IT

Futuristic Trip LED Lit Rectangular Vanity Mirror: This mirror takes a different approach to built-in lighting with 6 light blocks, as opposed to the full lighted frame that we usually see. With its futuristic style and sleek design, it is sure to infuse your vanity with some serious style.

$769BUY IT

Kohler Lighted Mirror With Cabinet: If cabinets feel too old school for you, then you clearly haven’t seen the Kohler lighted cabinet. This design throttles cabinets in to the modern era with directional lighting that uses a smart dimmer.


Cubiko Vanity Mirror With Storage Unit: If you love the idea of reducing counter clutter, then the Cubiko mirror might be what you need. Its modern design features 3 back shelves that easily hide away cosmetics, bottles, and any other bathroom clutter that you would prefer to go unseen.


Lighted Magnifying Vanity Mirror With Stand: For those days when you need your makeup to be just right, a magnifying mirror is an absolute must. With daylight mimicking lighting, you know exactly what you will look like in the brightest of lights before you leave the house. This mirror in particular features 1X and 10X magnification, plus a bottom tray to store cosmetics.


Trifold Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror With Magnification Sections: Get a view from all angles with a trifold lighted mirror. Perfect for doing makeup or hair removal. This mirror is also fantastic for travel with its lightweight design and ability to be powered through either USB or battery.

$150BUY IT

iHome Vanity Speaker Mirror: A classic design that has been rewired for this century. The iHome Speaker Mirror is great to listen to tunes, podcasts, or audiobooks while you get ready. Either connect your device through Bluetooth or plug it in to charge your battery.

$309BUY IT

Mirror TV: If the idea of watching TV in a nice bubble bath charms the pants off you, then you are not alone! This mirror TV is an innovative design that acts as TV when turned on, but when switched off it disguises itself as a regular mirror. A waterproof design that comes with a 2-year warranty.

$1299BUY IT

Kohler Alexa Enabled LED Lit Mirror With Speakers: Maybe you’ve talked to a mirror, but have you ever had one talk back to you? This LED lit mirror is Amazon Alexa-enabled so you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and more.

$999BUY IT

Smart Mirror With TV: A Smart mirror with all the bells and whistles. In case a completely vanishing TV doesn’t sell you on this gem, this mirror also boasts Wifi, Bluetooth, invisible touch buttons, a remote, and built-in speakers. Catch up on the news, weather, or TV shows, all from the comfort of your own bathroom!

$110BUY IT

Simple Human Motion Sensing Lighted Mirror See yourself in the best light possible with the LED Simple Human Motion Sensing Mirror. This mirror not only replicates daylight better than any of its competitors, but it also has lighting that is said to never burn out. This model of mirror is also highly adjustable and features 5X magnification.

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