Calling All Slytherins: Here’s the Wedding Photo Shoot of Your Dreams

For those of you who landed on the Sorting Hat’s snake-ish student list, Houston-based photographer Christine Wright of Swish + Click Photography created a photo idea for your nuptials that creatively highlights her Harry Potter fandom.

Wright told PEOPLE that the idea is suitable for couples who have been sorted into the house of shrewd, tactical go-getters, odds are that the photo shoot will still appeal to self-appointed Slytherins.

“I have always been a champion for couples who want to showcase their personality in their wedding day,” Wright said, citing her “huge love” for the world’s favorite bespectacled wizard. “I mean my business name ‘Swish + Click Photography’ is a clever play on a Harry Potter spell!”

Some of the Slytherin elements Wright incorporated in the shoots include a green and white wedding cake adorned by a gold snake, Death Eater mask cookies, plates embossed with the signature Slytherin logo, chocolate frogs, Salazar Slytherin’s infamous locket-turned-horcrux, an embellished bar cart that looks like a potion station, and a wedding invitation RSVP card bearing a famous Severus Snape quote.

“I have always wanted to do a Harry Potter styled wedding shoot,” Wright told Apartment Therapy via email. “A lot of couples have done the Great Hall or the Forbidden Forest, but I hadn’t seen a lot of house-centric weddings or styled shoots.” She worked with Brianne Hardcastle of Brianne Hardcastle Photography on the concept for the shoot, as well as Haylee Handly of Water to Wine Events (additional vendors listed below).

Wright also promises to maintain an air of sophistication in her themed wedding photo shoots. She told PEOPLE that she intends to make them “more elegant and approachable,” which aren’t necessarily the first descriptors that come to mind when thinking of some of the more infamous members of Slytherin (we’re looking at you, Snape and Tom Riddle). But judging by these gorgeous pics, we’d say Wright’s photo shoot is a major success.



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