Before and After: A Closed-In Kitchen’s Now Bright and Open

Gina and her partner Max remodeled a small San Francisco house, and while every inch of the home got a makeover, one of the most dramatic spots to see a transformation was the kitchen and great room they created when they removed an interior wall.

Gina writes: “The combination of kitchen, dining, and living room is the perfect open concept. While it’s not the largest it is comfortable and most importantly, functional. I love walking down your typical, long San Francisco hallway (often seen in Edwardian and Victorian homes) and all of a sudden enter this large space filled with light that just welcomes you.”

“Before our remodel, some of the room sizes were a little odd and the house felt cramped—after the remodel, it feels as if we’ve gained 50 percent more square footage just by removing a few interior walls. In a city as expensive as San Francisco, utilizing every square inch of a layout really matters—there’s simply no room to waste.”

“When we first purchased our house we would host what we called, ‘Stoop Brunch.’ We’d make brunch in the kitchen and then gather on our front stoop to eat and converse. Since our remodel, we now love hosting both brunch and dinner.”

“We entertain when we can—sometimes our busy schedules (and our friend’s schedules) mean we will go several weeks without seeing friends, but it’s always a joyous occasion when we get to gather around the big peninsula making drinks and appetizers together.”

“We knew that the kitchen was the heart of our home, and our new layout allows it to be the center of our main living area.”

Thank you Gina and Max!



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