Chooch the Pooch’s Kooky Tiki Oasis in L.A. Is a Must See — House Tour

Name: Jackie Johnson, Adam McCabe, and Chooch the pooch
Location: Silver Lake — Los Angeles, California
Years Lived In: 6 years, renting

While comedy podcasters Jackie Johnson and Adam McCabe may share a love for all things tiki and mid-century, the driving force behind the couple’s quirky and colorful abode is a majestic dog with a fluffy pink tail—it’s Chooch! Their precious pup (who probably has more Instagram followers than you) has inspired an entire gallery wall in their cheerful Silver Lake apartment, adding a unique twist to their home’s overall ’60s tiki aesthetic.

There is no lack of personality in the Chooch household. Mom and dad Jackie and Adam are both comedy podcasters by trade and have filled their home with eye-catching decor that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Jackie hosts Natch Beauty, a no-frills podcast about beauty, while Adam hosts a horror podcast called Horny 4 Horror (not McCabe’s Macabre, which we think is also a good name). Together, they have created a space that feels like a dreamy family island vacation circa 1963 where the three of them are the ultimate accessory (seriously, how cute are they?).

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: A kooky tiki oasis with mid-century flair.

Inspiration: Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, the artist SHAG and our dog Chooch.

Favorite Element: The “very much of its time” wood paneling.

Biggest Challenge: Designing the living space around the wonky layout (I mean, there’s a door in the middle of the wall).

What Friends Say: “Eclectic with island and Chooch-inspired elements.”

Biggest Embarrassment: The place is very outdated in many ways, and it can be frustrating, but we’ve learned to embrace it.

Proudest DIY: We love our bright paint colors and the shelves that Adam built for the office.

Biggest Indulgence: We are huge TV/film watchers, so the 65-inch ultra HD 4K TV was a very important, prioritized upgrade.

Best Advice: Instead of reworking your entire place at once, start slow, work section by section and you won’t get overwhelmed. You gotta be happy with where you relax, so get it how you want it!

Dream Sources: We love the artist Shag and would love a few statement pieces from him eventually (right now we just have a few smaller pieces). Jackie is addicted to Le Creuset and wants the entire kitchen drenched in Flame-colored pieces. Eventually, we want everything to be vintage mid-century pieces and the next upgrade is a kitchen table with Eames vortex chairs. We really love Sunbeam Vintage in Highland Park!


Living room is painted Behr Cozumel
Living room couch — Burrow King Sofa in crushed gravel
Living room rug — nuLOOM Ahmed Hand-Braided Cotton Rug from Gilt
Office couch — Macy’s Nari couch in Zest
The Chooch chair is from Macy’s and this same line but it’s no longer for sale
Shelf for tiki mugs — Urban Decay modern wall shelf
Most of my throw pillows are from the Opalhouse line at Target
Plants and pots are from Sunset Nursery
Paintings above the TV are by the artist Shag
My light-up vanity mirror is a Riki Loves Riki by Glamcor
Bedroom headboard — Wayfair
The Mary statue Chooch posed next to was found on the curb outside

Thanks, Jackie, Adam, and Chooch!



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