10 of the Smartest Small Kitchens We’ve Ever Seen

When you have a snug space, you have to make every inch count with some smart layout tricks and storage solutions. Do that, and all of a sudden your 40-square-foot kitchen goes from meh to yay.

Still need a bit of info? You’re in luck—we’ve got 10 amazing spaces to inspire you.

1. An eat-in kitchen

Just because your cook space is the size of a postage stamp doesn’t mean that you have to kiss your dreams of having an eat-in kitchen goodbye. Hang a fold-down table or a shelf on an empty wall and you have an instant table. A tiny table, but still, a table!

2. Packed but not cluttered

This small kitchen has all the knives, pots, and bottles of booze that a larger kitchen could have. And thanks to a magnetic knife block, hanging pot rack, and shelves, the space feels thought out and well-planned.

Take a tour: Ashley & Bryan’s Northern Comfort at Apartment Therapy

3. Something borrowed

Fun fact: You’re not totally stuck with the limited square footage of your kitchen. This one borrowed some space from the rest of the apartment and it’s ingenious.

4. Shelves galore

That wall at the end of your galley kitchen? It’s just begging to be covered—and we mean covered—with shelving. Not only is this a smart use of space, but we also love how the track shelves got dressed up with wooden crates turned on their sides.

5. No longer awkward

You know that awkward space above the kitchen cabinets? Of course you do! Even if you put some wine bottles up there, space inevitably goes wasted. Not if you steal this idea from One Kings Lane, though! By stacking shelves on top of wine racks, the space now has a few extra tiers of storage.

6. A hot tip

Your range is counter space waiting to be discovered! Put a cutting board or marble cheese board over the (not hot!) burners and you’ve got more work space than ever before.

7. Prepare to be floored

You may miss the sneaky storage in this New York City studio upon first glance—and that’s kind of the point. The hidden bins under the window are a clever way to stash pantry items and gadgets.

8. A non-floating island

Kitchen islands don’t have to float in the middle of the room. This one, in a 420-square-foot apartment, got pushed up against the wall and worked just as well. Just goes to prove you have room for an island even if you don’t think you do.

9. The most hidden of hidden storage

Spoiler alert: The toe kick in this tiny rental opens up to reveal hidden drawers. Good thing, too, considering the entire apartment is only 225 square feet.

10. Think narrow

This tiny galley kitchen doubles as the apartment’s entryway, too. A narrow buffet and equally as narrow shelves create storage without taking up too much of the floor space. Think narrow and you’ll be surprised at what you can wind up fitting into your space.

Which one of these small kitchens is your favorite?

This post originally ran on Kitchn. See it there: 10 of the Smartest Small Kitchens We’ve Ever Seen

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