This Company Wants to Pay Someone to Watch TV (Seriously!)

With all the expert opinions and scientific evidence outlining the hazards of routinely camping out in front of the television, we have a little extra incentive to press pause on our favorite shows and give our peepers a break from time to time. With that said, now might not be the best time to encourage folks to give up their binge-watching habits, not when there’s a company willing to pay you to stay home and watch TV.

No, your glazed over eyeballs do not deceive you: the team at is seeking a professional content consumer (read: couch potato extraordinaire) to watch 100 hours of live streamed TV. The lucky individual who nabs this dreamy gig will start this fall—the absolute perfect season for increased TV consumption (cooler temps tend to make you want to curl up on the couch and park it in front of the tube for hours on end). The position is part-time, will be performed from home and pays $2,000, which is certainly enough to help out with the holiday shopping budget.

In addition to giving you what is possibly the coolest work-from-home job on the planet, there are a few more incentives that should pique the interest of potential applicants. HowtoWatch provides the employee with free login credentials that will grant access to six different streaming platforms that the company will be testing. Plus, a pretty cool perk is that the employee can even stream when they’re not working. Finally, there’s no set schedule for completing job duties, which means the start date is flexible and the employee can choose their work hours as long as they complete all 100 hours by November 1.

So, are you ready to put those professional binge watching skills to the test? If so, head over to the job listing for more details.


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