6 Celebrities with Awe-Inspiring Swimming Pools

If you’re struggling with summer’s departure, fear not: In Hollywood, it’s always bright and sunny. In fact, it’s rare to come across a big celebrity who doesn’t have a sparkling swimming pool in their backyard. Whether they’re smack-dab in Los Angeles or 3,000 miles away, here are some of our favorite celebrity swimming pools:

Most Tropical: Anna Faris

When Anna Faris sold her Nichols Canyon home last month, she actually lost money on the deal. This is lost on us though, since the “Mom” star’s property seems like a neverending tropical vacation. Check out the lagoon-style pool surrounded by lush gardens and ample patio space. Bonus points for the bocce court and panoramic view of Los Angeles. We’d camp out in this jungle anytime.

Biggest: Kelly Clarkson

Our girl Kelly Clarkson likes to do it up big, and her former home in the Tennessee countryside is the epitome of grandeur. Located in the town of Hendersonville, the 20,000-square-foot estate has a swimming pool whose size looks like it spans the entire length of the house’s backside. And don’t forget the beautiful circular spa alongside it. But Clarkson isn’t going to be deprived of sunshine anytime soon—she just bought an $8.5 million home in Encino, California, as well.

Most Unique: Shaquille O’Neal

There’s nothing traditional about Shaq’s Florida home. (17-car garage? Walk-in humidor? 6000-square-foot indoor basketball court? Check, check, check.) But when you’re over seven feet tall, you better have a swimming pool that can accommodate a deep dive. Shaq’s Florida pool measures 15 feet deep, and features a very unusual shape. There’s also a fun rock waterfall feature, not to mention a summer kitchen, sprawling patio, and cabana. Of course, if you’re not interesting in the pool, you can just hop right off the dock into picturesque Lake Butler.

Most Pools: Charlie Sheen

Leave it to Charlie Sheen to live excessively. The controversial actor listed his Beverly Hills mansion back in February for $10 million. Nobody snapped it up right away, so he decided to convert it to a $43,000/month rental. But what’s unusual about this home is that it has not one, but two swimming pools—one for splashing around, and a second for laps. (No half, however.) Sheen’s owned several other Beverly Hills properties, including one that was purchased for $8.55 million by Kendall Jenner last year.

Best Saltwater Pool: Ellen Pompeo

Remember when Dr. Meredith Grey got knocked into the water and Dr. McDreamy fished her out? This is nothing like that. But Grey’s real-life counterpart, Ellen Pompeo, does have quite the beautiful body of water in her former backyard. Located in the Whitley Heights section of Hollywood Hills, Pompeo listed the home for $2.795 million back in April. Step into the picturesque backyard and be greeted by a sparkling swimming pool sitting on a perfectly flat piece of land. Sculpted hedges, a fruit orchard, and olive trees provide privacy without blocking the exquisite view of the rolling Hollywood hills and canyons.

Curtis Stone: Best for an Athlete

If you live for cardio, take a look at celebrity chef Curtis Stone’s home in the Hollywood Hills. Currently being rented out for the low, low price of $16,500 a month, the mid-century estate has what looks like a typical rectangular swimming pool at first. Then you realize that in addition to the traditional rectangle portion, it has a long lap pool section and spa that extends along the side of the house.

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