Favorites List (09.08.18)

Some links, recipes, and reading for the weekend. Enjoy!

– ‘A small-town couple left behind a stolen painting worth over $100 million — and a big mystery‘ (The Washington Post)

This interview (Apiece Apart)

– How to Write a Condolence Note (Cup of Jo)

– Reading this.

This video: Llama Cake

How to Design Your Perfect Kitchen (Curbed)

Rei Kawakubo Revealed (Sort Of) (NY Times)

California’s surf wars: wave ‘warlords’ go to extreme lengths to defend their turf (The Guardian)

KT Achaya’s pioneering scholarship on Indian food (Caravan)

This for dinner.

– The Best 10 Rules to Live by When You Are Young and Ready to Travel. (Steve Sando – also, read his New Yorker profile if you missed it!) 

Chengdu Cool: The Rise of Sichuan’s Homegrown Hip Hop (Guernica)

– Aretha Franklin’s American Soul (New Yorker)

Favorites List (09.08.18)

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