The $10 Solution to My Messy Living Room Problem

The surest sign you’ve entered a millennial apartment isn’t the fiddle leaf fig or the Edison light bulbs (although those make great options on the Millennial Apartment bingo board), it’s the phone chargers. Now that we carry our smartphones as if they were surgically attached to our limbs, our living rooms have evolved to grow cords that emerge from outlets and tangle across the floor or creep over the backs of couches.

That’s what my living room looked like, anyway. Until I got sick of tripping over cords on my way to the sofa. And since “watching” TV while I scroll on my phone is one of my favorite chilled out pastimes, moving the charging situation to a dock in the kitchen didn’t really feel like a win.

That’s when I found a $10 gadget that quickly became my favorite thing in my living room.

This little convenience is exactly what I needed. The marriage of an outlet and a cord wrangler. This thing plugs into the top socket on my wall outlet, giving me back two more plus two USB outlets for our phone chargers. But the best part is the little cradle channel on top which lets me wind and drape our cords over when they’re not in use.

Our main charging outlet is actually tucked away next to a window, so when our curtains are drawn back to let light in during the day, the whole rig stays hidden behind the fabric panel.

The cradle on top can also hold your phone itself, too, if you want to put this affordable find to use as a phone dock in your home. It comes in black or white so you can find a shade to blend in.

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