Painting Hardwood Is the Inspiring No-Rug-Needed Way to Adorn Your Floors

Watch a lot of HGTV and you may become convinced that gorgeous original hardwood floors are hiding somewhere under any carpet or tile in your home, just waiting to be restored to their former glory. But in reality, even if you do discover you have them, the wood might not be an ideal candidate for refinishing. Before replacing the hardwood entirely (read: sticker shock), check out this other affordable and stylish solution.

We’re seeing a resurgence of painted floors and are loving some of the new takes. Once you start thinking of your floors as another canvas, anything is possible.

This Ohio coffee shop knows how to serve up inspiration with their colorfully stenciled floors. (Word on the street is they make amazing chocolate chip cookies too.)

Suzanne Allen Studio specializes in custom finishes with an eye for pairing exquisite hand-painted floors with equally stunning homes in Charleston. This nautical bedroom might look flat without the two-toned, chevron flooring.

The floors at 86 Cannon are just a hint of the luxury Suzanne Allen Studio brought to the fully restored 1860s house. The black and white pattern with alternating thin and thick strokes is so refined, yet perfectly worn in to be inviting.

For a modern take on a basic pattern, go large and colorful like this sunroom designed by Jeannie Balsam Interiors. The white and bright blue floors play off the white walls and ceilings, which bring boundless character to this Nantucket home.

(Image credit: Submitted by Meghan)

Diamonds work in smaller spaces too. In this bathroom makeover, Meghan relied on her painted pattern to refresh and disguise the faux-wood vinyl in her bathroom.

The folks at Chairloom routinely give old furniture pieces new life, so it was only natural for them to take the same approach with their showroom space. Rather than refinishing the wood floors and stripping away years of character, they supplemented them with dramatic stencils.

Elsie at A Beautiful Mess found good news and bad news when she ripped up all the carpet in her house. Good news: Hardwood was hiding underneath. Bad news: It was completely different colors and badly stained throughout the whole house. Her contractor dissuaded her from whitewashed floors, but she wanted something different than traditional dark floors. Elsie worked to find the perfect paint consistency for a saturated turquoise “stain” and now has unbelievable, showstopping floors.



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