7 Cheap, Versatile Harbor Freight Storage Items You’ll Use All the Damn Time

Harbor Freight is a great go-to source for inexpensive tools and project supplies—when you need to get something done, but don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash for pricey materials, especially for quick one-off jobs. A brief stroll through the store (or a glance at the website) reveals something else: it’s also an amazing source for cheap and versatile storage you can use in pretty much every room of your home.

We’ve been singing the praises of these inexpensive magnetic strips for ages, and sharing all the ways they can be used in pretty much every room in the house. Think Cuisinart attachments, paintbrushes, bobby pins—you name it. Anything with metal you can think of can be stored on one of these guys.

This canvas bag is a handy carry-all that goes way beyond tools. Use it to corral all your cleaning materials, or your knitting supplies. I would totally use this as a weekender bag btw. It would also be extremely fun to customize (dip dye anyone?) in all sorts of ways.

For bigger items that you want to get off the floor and out from underfoot, consider these large storage hooks. They are big and sturdy enough for a bike, but also good for things like brooms. Buy just one for two bucks, or a pack of 20 assorted sizes and shapes for just a few more dollars.

These drawer organizers aren’t good just for tool boxes. Use them for utensils in the kitchen or in your bathroom vanity, and keep all those little moving parts neatly in place.

Adrienne is not alone in having lots of soft, bulky items taking up unnecessary storage space in a small home in the off season. Vacuum pack things like seasonal sweaters and blankets in these handy bags, and you’ll suddenly find yourself with a lot more room in your closet, drawers, and under the bed.

The only thing way you’ll beat the prices of a Harbor Freight toolbox is to find one at a garage sale (but good luck finding one that isn’t rusty or beat up). These basic boxes can hold more than tools and also work for kitchen utensils, children’s toys, art supplies, and more.

You can’t own too many of these cheap parts bins. All the small compartments are great for handling jewelry, or little office supplies like tacks and paper clips. There are tons of different different styles and sizes to choose from, all at super low prices that make multiples easily within reach.

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