This 200 Square Foot Tiny House Is Inspired by the Theater

Personalized, heartfelt touches are what transform a house into a home. Case in point: this undeniably charming theater-inspired tiny house. Designed by Tiny Heirloom, a San Diego family had a $120,000 budget for the 200 square foot towable home. From there, the Oregon-based company devised a clever plan that emphasized several design features that reflect the daughter’s theater fandom.

The cedar-clad space features a seam metal roof and one of its nine windows is arched. Inside, two bedrooms comfortably accommodate guests; the master bedroom contains a double bed and a skylight. The comfy sleeping quarters can be reached by stairs that feature theatre-like integrated lighting. There’s also an additional loft space with skylight that’s equipped with two double beds for children. The 80-square-foot kitchen contains full-sized stainless steel appliances, including a refrigerator/freezer combo, a propane-powered stove and an oven. Accentuating the area and holding true to the home’s design theme is the embossed golden light fixture and complementary kitchen backsplash, a decorative nod to old theater decor. A small half-circle dining area sits near a window.

The living room provides the characteristically inviting atmosphere, complete with a custom-made red velvet sofa with plush theatre-inspired seats. Additionally, a sizable wall-mounted TV helps to transform the area into the perfect space for entertainment.

The custom home also has a bathroom with a full-size bath and shower, a sink and a flushing toilet, proving that tiny house minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing function.

While the theater home is one-of-a-kind custom job, Tiny Heirloom also has their Signature Series, which allows buyers to select from various models and choose from a variety of personalized features such as colors, materials, fixtures and energy and appliance packages, some of which we’ve featured before.

h/t Curbed, New Atlas



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