This Redditor’s $250 Pantry Makeover Is Kitchen Storage Gold

This Redditor’s pantry was impressive, both in terms of its size, but also in the amount of food, kitchen supplies, and cookbooks he had stuffed in there. For $250 and some DIY power, he completely revamped the space and made it so much more functional and appealing.

I think we can all relate to what this pantry looked like before: Standard wire shelving, jumbled up goods, the works. It was essentially a dark pit of despair that the owners probably tried to not think too much about after shutting each time. So, this refreshing makeover is particularly satisfying, and will inspire you to tackle your own scary storage space. Here’s what it looks like now:

Yes, everything is nice and neat and in its place now, and the wood shelves are a fantastic upgrade (especially the new mini-shelves that wrap around the corner and eke out more storage). The newly painted walls are also a lovely touch.

But here’s what’s really amazing: Using some super cheap LED strip lights from Amazon, he “wired” the area with light, which completely ups the pantry game. He rigged it so the light automatically turns on when you open the door, and shuts off when you close it. (So, no need to turn on all those jarring overheads when you creep downstairs in the middle of the night to eat some cereal in secret.)

Head over to Reddit for all the comments and questions, along with the poster’s responses. There’s also a video on YouTube that shows the lights coming on when he opens the doors. It’s riveting stuff.

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