Before and After: A Rustic Cabin’s Minimal and Modern Revival

Jenny McClary and Allie Leepson never originally intended to purchase a cabin in the woods of Vermont… they first looked to buy a home in Joshua Tree. But, after losing out on offers on homes to cash buyers, they decided to change course and take a look in Vermont to see if anything sparked their interest like those in California. Three of them actually did… and they put an offer on this three-bedroom rustic cabin immediately!

“This home had been on the market for a year, but we took our chances anyway. It ended up being in great condition—just needed some cosmetic renovations.”

“We spent four and a half months renovating (which was so fun) then put it up on Airbnb.”

“After living in a tiny, not ‘cute’ Brooklyn apartment for so many years, having a nice, large space that was actually ours felt incredible.”

“The interiors are covered in knotty pine and feature unfinished stone flooring in the kitchen, front entryway, around the fireplace, and the sliding door to our wrap-around deck.”

“We did nearly all of the renovations ourselves (painting, changing light fixtures, swapping out functional hardware, etc.).”

“Our goal was to turn this traditional Vermont ski cabin into a well-designed space that’s more than just a place to take your snow boots off in.”

Goal achieved! As the couple mentions, there were no huge structural changes or even all that dramatic of interior renovations. But their small, doable design choices have made all the difference. What was once a dark, dated, wood-paneled house with unusual stonework is now a minimal blend of mid-century modern, Southwest details, and just the right touch of rustic modern cabin.

→ See the entire house tour of their Vermont cabin.

Thank you Jenny and Allie!



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