The Best New Books To Read This Fall

It’s almost fall, and so begins the perfect season for cuddling up with a good book. And just in time, too, because these are the new must read titles everyone will be talking about.

If you haven’t started the mystery series starring Detective Cormoran Strike, now is the perfect time (and not just because you’d be the lucky reader who didn’t have to wait months for the next book to come out). The latest installment is here, with Strike and his partner Robin investigating a years-ago child murder, a nervous, unreliable client-slash-witness, and how the two are intertwined with powerful politicians.

What happens when nine people head to a health resort in search of total transformation? In a normal resort, the guests may have a refreshing 10 days, but this resort, and its leader, has a darker agenda. Moriarty’s latest is so good, that Nicole Kidman has already signed on for the adaptation.

The eldest daughter of the late Steve Jobs tells her side of a complicated family story—one where her famous, brilliant father initially denies paternity, and eventually welcomes her into his life, but sends confusing signals about whether or not he believes in her… or even loves her. As Lisa grows, her relationships with both parents see-saw between tense and “normal,” and you’ll see that growing up with a mercurial, talented father is not without its consequences.

Take the word “trust” for both of its meanings. When the wealthy Huang family patriarch, Stanley, is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, his children, ex-wife, and current wife all attempt to make peace with their complicated relationships to Stanley and each other as they wait to find out how much Stanley—and family—is really worth.

If 2018 is the Year of the Short Story (a title I just made up, but stand by), then Chai’s new collection will be a must-read. She writes with humor and empathy as she explores the specific dynamics of Chinese-American families and how even within a family, one can feel like an outsider.

French’s Dublin Murder Squad has taken on twisted, thrilling cases that make for incredible crime fiction, but in this novel, French sets the Squad aside in favor of investigating the victim’s side of the story. When Toby is beaten nearly to death by burglars, he’s forced to move back home to recover, which proves difficult when a skull is discovered in his backyard. French’s latest, and possibly spookiest, arrives just in time for Halloween.

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