Proof That Black Rooms Don’t Have to Be Gloomy

You don’t have to be afraid of going black with your walls. The color might have the reputation of being gloomy and moody, but when done right it’s anything but depressing. In fact, using black is a surefire way to add a touch of elegance, creativity, and drama to a space, allowing you to flex your creative muscles and go with something that isn’t just the standard white walls that take up our Pinterest feeds. If you have been hankering to try out the black room trend, below are some examples to jog your inspiration.

Perfect for Showcasing Plants

A black room is perfect for showcasing a jungle of plants, making the moody space feel cozy and alive with all the greenery surrounding it. Hang them from the walls, tuck them into corners, and turn the space into a greenhouse.

Make Your Bathroom Dark

Don’t worry, your bathroom won’t feel like a tiny hovel if you paint it black—on the contrary, it will instantly make the space feel stylish and memorable. But if you’re uncertain, you can always take a baby step and just paint half the room black, focusing on the top half of the walls and the ceiling.

Make Your Bathroom, Like, Really Dark

Or if you’re ready to commit to an all-black powder room, then let this one from Home Bunch inspire you. They used white and gold accents to make the space feel airy, and painted shiplap to give the room a little bit of texture and interest.

Use Lots of Color

They key to making a black living room feel lively is to use lots of color. The black walls will act like the perfect accent for saturated rugs, colorful lamps, and a dizzying array of cheerful prints.

Go With Dark Wallpaper

To add some interest to the space, you can use dark wallpaper rather than just painting walls a solid black. This oversized floral motif from Ellie Cashman makes this laundry room beautiful rather than drab.

Go Minimalist

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