IKEA Favorites You Can Buy Right Off Amazon, But Should You?

Here’s some potentially good news for IKEA fans. If you hate long, stressful trips to the store, or live hours away from one, you can forgo the long drive and in-person shopping experience, and click on Amazon instead. I recently discovered that they carry a number of IKEA items, and it may just be worth it for you to buy online there instead. It’s important to note, though, that IKEA currently does not directly sell through Amazon and that these products are sold through resellers.

Not every IKEA product is available on Amazon, but it’s worth a quick look to see if what you want is up there. And, as is the case with most shopping experiences, you want to look at all the variables, weighing price, delivery times, and convenience to decide if it makes sense for you.

Here are a few examples of what you can find, along with some caveats:

Be forewarned that some items are a lot more expensive on Amazon than in IKEA. This RAST 3-drawer chest, for instance, sells for $39.99 on the IKEA website. Estimated shipping for this item, even to rural Vermont where my mom lives, is only $9. On Amazon it sells for $85.49, which is over double the regular price. If you need the piece lickety-split, and the two-day shipping is worth it to you, go for it, but otherwise, you’re better off sticking with the IKEA store or website.

On the other hand, I tried adding one of these white PS cabinets to my cart, and shipping through IKEA to that same zip code in Vermont was a lot more expensive, bringing the total to almost $300 ($100 for the cabinet itself, and $200 for delivery alone). On Amazon, the same cabinet, with shipping, comes to just under $200. Considering the two-and-a-half to three-hour drive to the nearest IKEA, that’s totally worth it.

Some smaller and cheaper items often come bundled in multiples, instead of just one. For instance, these endlessly useful and hackable VARIERA plastic bag organizers are sold as a two-pack for $19 with free Prime shipping. They sell individually at IKEA for $3 with $9 shipping, for a total of $12. If you love the convenience of just adding a couple of these guys to your cart alongside your regular Amazon buys, not to mention the quick shipping, that $7 markup might not feel like a big deal.

Interestingly, I found some discontinued items, no longer available at the store. I have both the GRUNDTAL organizer rail in my kitchen, and the toilet paper holders in my bathrooms and totally love this basic utilitarian hardware series. So I was bummed when one of them broke and I couldn’t find a replacement. I don’t see the toilet paper holders, but it looks like you can still buy the 15.75-inch bar on Amazon, where it’s sold for $22 and comes with a set of five s-hooks. Yay!

Have you ever bought any IKEA items off the Amazon website, and was it worth it to you?

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