Busy Philipps’ Pantry Transformation Is Majorly Therapeutic

(Image credit: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images)

There are few things more inspirational than seeing an impressive before-and-after that takes place in the home. From the smaller spaces like this shoe storage area to the larger projects like this incredible kitchen reno (for under $400!), these jaw-dropping transformations can get you vamped up and ready to organize.

To put it plainly, we just can’t get enough of these refreshes—part of the reason why we’re currently swooning over Busy Philipps’ pantry.

On Tuesday, Philipps posted a before-and-after photo of her kitchen storage, which goes from dull and cluttered to colorful and organized. “My kitchen and pantry looked insane, and the lovely ladies at @thehomeedit came and changed my life (I mean, at least my snacks),” Philipps wrote in the caption.

In a previous interview with Apartment Therapy, Philipps revealed how snacks play a very important role in her day-to-day life—especially being a busy mom of two who is always on the go. So it’s no surprise that her pantry holds a very special place in her home and in her heart.

When analyzing the pantry facelift, the “after” photo displays all her perishables neatly organized—and color coordinated, no less. But it’s what the items are stored in that makes the de-cluttering magic happen.

As you can see, the random pile of objects at the bottom have been replaced by labeled fabric baskets. The snacks have been organized in clear plastic bins and sealed containers, and the jarred goods and condiments have been displayed on Lazy Susans. Finally, on the top shelf is her large collection of cookbooks that are organized in ROYGBIV hues.

Now that you might have the need to pantry clean, here are some more de-cluttering tips straight from Instagram that will help you get the deed done. Go forth and clean, friends!

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