Target’s ‘Harry Potter’ Sorting Hat Will Determine Your Wizarding Fate

We’ve found the luggage to bring to Platform 9 3/4, the home decor that will make your corridor feel cozy, and even the books to read in-between classes. But one thing we’ve yet to cover is how you can determine what House you’re truly meant to be in—until now, that is.

Target has introduced the Real Talking Sorting Hats for their wizarding shoppers to invest in. Sold both in stores and online, this magical accessory will help determine your destiny at Hogwarts once and for all.

Whether you’re chosen to become part of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, the process of having your own unique sorting ceremony with fellow Potterfans is exciting enough. Put the hat on your head and wait in anticipation as it announces one of the four Houses, either confirming your hunch or changing the world as you knew it.

And once you get the news, why not make it a full-blown occasion and whip up a celebratory feast as if you were inside the Hogwarts dining hall? After the suspense of finding out where you belong, it might be just what you need!

The sorting hat that can be purchased here goes for $24.99, powered by a combination of batteries and magic. It’s described by Target as, “The perfect gift for all Harry Potter fans to revisit the Harry Potter universe.”

But don’t wait too long to buy yours—with Halloween and the holidays coming up, a transfiguration spell might occur in the near future.

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