3 Pieces of Furniture You Should Get Rid of Right Now

Decluttering means seriously rethinking all the things you’ve grown accustomed to living with, and getting real with yourself about what you actually need and use. We tend to go after the little stuff first—the extra coffee mugs in our kitchen cabinets, or the five black sweaters living in your dresser—but don’t forget the larger items too. Although it isn’t as easy to get rid of an extra piece of furniture, getting rid of a few key pieces can free up a ton of space and give you more breathing room and added flexibility—especially if you live in a small space.

Large Coffee Table

Coffee tables take up quite a bit of real estate in your living room. If you want more seating in lieu of surface area, downsize your big behemoth for a smaller side table that can tuck away until you need it. This slim DIY one from Sugar & Cloth is a great little piece, as are c-tables that can nestle up close to sofas. Or, opt for an ottoman or two (with a tray on top) that can do double duty.

Bulky Nightstands

If you have a narrow bedroom, or want to make room for something else (our bets are on more plants), get rid of your bulky bedside table. Floating nightstands have less of a footprint, and still provide all the surface area you need. This DIY one from The Merrythought is basic and beautiful, and even has a little notch for electronics.

Obtrusive Media Stand

Large dedicated entertainment units tend to take over living rooms. Consider wall mounting your television instead, which gives you a little leeway when positioning it in the room. The unit above is placed closer to a corner, and camouflaged by surrounding gallery wall items, which feels more conducive to conversation and people-friendly (versus having electronics be a focal point in the room). There’s still room underneath for a couple of small closed trunks, if storage is an issue.

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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