The Gift of Heartbreak

If we could ease the pain of a breakup,

If we could erase the memories that taunt us

and bask in the eternal sunshine of our spotless minds,

then perhaps we would.

But until then …

We can make the decision                          

to look forward instead of backward.   

We can choose to nurture ourselves

rather than an undeserving other.

We can make ourselves so strong,

and embrace our greatness so wholly,

that we will never again enter into a union

because we need to,

but rather—and only—

because we want to.

With each ending,

amid all the pain

comes an opportunity,

a chance to gain greater strength,

the courage to not become bitter

but to become wiser.

To keep our eyes open

without closing off our hearts.  

To love just as hard

but fall less far.

To lose another

without losing ourselves.

To have our hearts broken

while our souls remain intact.

When we have internalized our worth

And have learned to love, respect,

and treat ourselves

as we would a precious child—

the true meaning of self-compassion

Then the inevitable falls

won’t absolutely break us.

We will have become Teflon

to the slights of others—

perhaps still hurt,

and at times knocked down—

but always with the ability

and the will

to get right back up,

And to love as fully and deeply

and without abandon

as if we have never been hurt before.

Love takes risks.

The risk of pain,

of devastating

disappointment and angst.

But in the end,

in the final analysis

of a life lived well,

it will

have all

been worth it.

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