Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for People Who Are Lukewarm on Halloween

When September hits, suddenly it’s a constant holiday push. The stores keep putting out seasonal decor earlier and earlier, and I for one don’t love turning over my whole home to Halloween decor each October. I’d much rather use general pieces that are “fall” and then just sprinkle in a bit of holiday themes here and there. One easy way to do that is with decorated pumpkins that don’t scream Halloween.

All you need is a little paint and pattern on small, white pumpkins for incredibly modern and chic decor. We love these from Lovely Indeed.

Are you guys over terrazzo or still all for it? I’m decidedly all on board after Mandy Moore’s home tour. Trying out trends on pumpkins is a low-commitment way to test if it’ll work in your home.

The marbled indigo pops against these white pumpkins from Alice & Lois. You could try the same technique in purple or gray for a “smoky” effect.

Another crazy popular trend for the year is rattan. Neutral in color but varied in pattern, rattan works extremely well across decor styles. I love how Marlene of Idle Hands Awake used green pumpkins to contrast the lighter rattan.

The chalk finish with a mud cloth pattern makes a strong case for pale blue as a fall color.

More cheer, less fear! How could you not smile back at these sparkly ghosts from I Heart Naptime?

There is no rule that fall decor should only be dark and gloomy. Faith’s confetti pumpkin packs as much color in as possible with no-fuss tissue paper.

Let your pumpkin do the talking. Check out how Rachel of Handmade Charlotte used a standard drill to create this boo-tiful design.

Don’t forget the stems: Gemma’s pastel bunch brings the personality from the gourd up.

Kristin printed a photo she took of a favorite floral arrangement and immortalized the moody centerpiece as a decoupage pumpkin.

Can you guess which famous artist inspired these cuties? I think Matisse would approve of Cristina’s joyful palette and abstract leaves.

// https://ift.tt/2BeEmmf


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