Are You at Cat or Dog Person? Your Hogwarts House Could Reveal the Truth

If you’re into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you’ve probably taken the quiz that places you in a Hogwarts House. (And if you haven’t, gulping gargoyles! Get to it.) Called "The Sorting Ceremony," this personality-based experience presents a range of questions both relevant to Harry Potter—like would you study Centaurs or Vampires, or what pet would you take to Hogwarts—and ones that are totally random (left or right? Forest or river?).

But recent data released by Joybird claims that your House says much more about you than what colors you’ll be sporting—like whether you’re more likely to be a cat or dog person.

The study claims that all four Houses prefer dogs over cats unanimously (this isn’t too surprising—a 2010 Associated Press poll says the general population prefers pups). However, Slytherin and Ravenclaw like cats the most—40 and 41 percent, respectively (if you thought that it would be Gryffindor since Professor McGonagall is a cat Animagus, we’re just as confused as you).

Diving deeper, other statistics are broken down by gender. For example, the study shows that Hufflepuff men like dogs the least (27.5 percent) while Slytherin men likes dogs the most (63 percent). On the contrary, Hufflepuff women like dogs the most (60 percent) while Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Gryffindor are all tied (27 percent).

Additionally, across all four Houses, the majority of each group who likes cats is 26 to 30 years old. And it appears to be the same for dogs, minus Hufflepuff who has 31- to 40-year-olds making up the highest number at 27 percent.

See where you fall depending on your House here. And if you’re surprised by the results, it might be time to switch school colors—or your pet preference.

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