The Love Addiction Quiz

In an earlier post, I explored the relationship between Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and his being in “love.” I also discussed a friend who evidenced an addictive relationship, texting his partner nonstop during lunch. These cases suggested to me creating a brief quiz for people to assess the potential addictive nature of their intimate relationships.

Love Addiction Quiz

Love and relationships quiz: Are you addicted to “love”?

1.  I almost never go voluntarily to a social event without my partner.

2.  I dread being alone.

3.  I resent any time my partner spends with other people.

4.  I filter every event or possible activity through my partner’s eyes.

5.  When I spend a few free hours apart from my partner, I text or email them continuously.

6.  When I’m apart from my partner or “lover” I refer everything back to them, in my mind or when speaking.

7.  There is no one I ever want to spend time with more than my “lover” or partner.

8.  I almost never try new activities or make new personal connections on my own.

9.  My life has become significantly more limited due to my “love” relationship.

10. I don’t engage in activities or see people that my partner doesn’t like.

If you’ve answered six of these questions as “true,” or largely so, you might consider yourself to be in a love or relationship addiction.

For help with love or other addictions, contact Stanton’s online Life Process Program.


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