I Lived Alone for 4 Years–Then I Had to Get Roommates. Here’s How I’m Making It Work

I have had some bonkers roommate experiences in my short 25 years of life. From waking up to a roommate watching me sleep repeatedly for months in a small dorm space, to another roommate going on a three-day blackout drinking binge, I’ve grown accustomed to compiling my own personal list of "roommate horror stories."

Hence, when I was able to find an affordable micro-studio in Seattle for the last few months of my undergraduate studies, I jumped on the opportunity. Since then–late 2014–I have been blessed to live either (a) by myself or (b) with my parents.

It was a whole new world to live by myself. I got to determine my own clean-up schedule, have visitors over without texting anyone in advance, and meal prep without fear of someone taking my food. It’s been a dream to only rely on myself and come to terms with these newfound aspects of adulthood.

But this was all pretty short lived because I recently moved to New York City, where the average rent for a Manhattan studio is $2,550 (no wonder nearly 79 million American adults in 2017 were reported to live in a shared household, where their roommate was not a family member or romantic partner!) I knew I had to kiss my solo-living goodbye. Luckily, I was able to bypass the placement services and Facebook groups and found a college classmate who also needed a roommate. Together, we found an affordable apartment and a third roommate, and I am practicing living with others once more after being on my own. It’s been a process, but I’m happy to say it’s working out with minor kinks. Here, the five tips I’ve found most helpful from transitioning from solo-living to life with two roommates:


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