10 Organizing Tips I Learned While Stalking Marie Kondo’s Perfect Instagram

It’s not technically considered stalking if it’s a public account, right? I haven’t broken any laws or anything, but I’ve probably spent more than the socially acceptable amount of time on Marie Kondo’s Instagram. I can’t help myself. It’s just all so perfect. The time wasn’t wasted, though, because I learned some serious lessons, which I’m now passing along to you!

1. Containers are key.

Do the whole KonMarie method (see what sparks joy and get rid of anything that doesn’t) and then organize stuff into containers. We actually got a visit from Marie last spring she showed us how to organize table linens using containers. Hint: The trick is to fold the fabrics to fit into the container you’re using.

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2. Clear containers are even better.

If you use clear containers, you can see what you have at a quick glance. Duh. Marie says this cuts down on wasted time and saves you money (no accidentially buying stuff you already had!).

3. Labels are also a good idea.

Why not add some labels, too, while you’re at it? They can also make a space look prettier.

4. The special stuff deserves to be used.

Those fancy dishes you have for special occasions but don’t actually use? Put those pieces on display and start using them. “They would love being used instead of sleeping in the shelf, waiting for their turn for years,” Marie says.

5. You should group like with like.

While Marie was in our offices, she also organized a junk drawer, during which she told us that things should be grouped by category. She pointed that out again here in this Insta post.

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6. Countertops should be free of clutter.

She also told us that the areas around the sink and stove tend to be the most cluttered. Kitchens look and function better if the countertops are mostly cleared. This photo is proof.

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7. Drawers may be better than cabinets.

We’ve been talking a lot lately about base drawers being better than cabinets. Just look at this photo and tell us you disagree. Just look at how easy it would be to find the perfect pot if this was your kitchen!

8. Things look best when they have a home.

Whether something is in a cabinet, on display, or in a drawer, every item you own should have a home. By putting something back in the same place it was found, you’ll always know where to look for it when you need it. Plus, if everything has a home, your systems will look instantly more organized.

9. Your stuff can inspire you to do what you love.

If you’ve been wanting to cook more, make sure your kitchen holds only the things that you love. Then, according to Marie, every time you walk in, you’ll be encouraged to do just that.

10. We all need to let things go.

The pinnacle idea of Marie Kondo’s methods: If something doesn’t spark joy, let it go. This Instagram pic is a good reminder.

Do you follow Marie Kondo on Instagram? Have you learned anything else from her posts? Share the lesson in the comments below!

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