Before and After: This Kitchen Remodel Is a ‘Crazy Magic’ Blend of Industrial and Victorian Styles

(Image credit: Design Client)

This “industrial condo” needed to be transformed into a home to please someone who also loved Victorian homes and an elegant, full-of-antiques style. Somehow they managed to combine those two aesthetics seamlessly.

How does this have so much vintage charm yet feel so fresh? That, I suppose, is the magic of Shannon Tate Interiors, who renovated this kitchen for a client. Two crucial elements, I think, are the beautiful green cabinets, which feel so homey yet elegant, and the tiled walls, which shimmers luxuriously yet also brings to mind the industrial beauty of whitewashed brick. I also adore the black floors, which lets the green pop while coordinating with the black countertops.

Another impressive aspect of this project is the juxtaposition of the massive, sturdy beams with the delicately arching shelf brackets. The brackets aren’t fussy or overly fancy, or else they’d look out of place.

(Image credit: Design Client)

Let’s call out all the things this unit had going for it: the enviably high ceilings, the fantastic ceiling and beams, the gleaming stainless steel appliances, ample storage, and a window. The windows were removed to make way for more storage.

Shannon Tate shared a little backstory about this project:

My clients had just sold their gigantic old Victorian home and bought two side-by-side industrial condo units, and planned to make them into one, beautiful new family home. It was quite a leap and change in lifestyle, but they were tired of having “fix up the house” projects taking up every single weekend and decided family time and downtime was much more important than the old Victorian. The biggest and most fun challenge of this project was that Nelle is much more drawn to the decor that a Victorian home would have—that classic, elegance, collected antiques, china, old antique dishes—but also loved the new industrial condo. Although the words Victorian and Industrial are basically polar opposites… some crazy magic occurred when I needed to find out these two worlds could be fused together and I couldn’t be happier with how this space turned out!

It occurred to me that those two aesthetics might not be that far apart, especially since the Victorian Era was from 1837-1901 and the Industrial Revolution was from 1760-1840, so perhaps there’s some natural kinship there? Or is that just steampunk…

The lighting selection in this kitchen is spot-on, and once again, those tiles are sensational. They’re almost jewel-like, reminiscent of pearls or opals, yet completely straightforward and seemingly practical.

In a way, this is a classic black-and-white kitchen, with major green and wood accents—I think that’s one of the reasons it works so well.

Thank you, Shannon Tate Interiors!



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