Your Childhood Beanie Baby Could Be Worth Up To $10K

If you’re thinking about throwing out those old Beanie Babies stuffed in the back of your childhood closet, stop right there. Turns out those plush toys might be your ticket to making an online fortune (if they’re in good condition, of course!).

Despite the growing popularity of other e-commerce sites (read: Amazon), eBay has remained the go-to place to buy and sell rare goods, including Beanie Babies. The active listings for these beloved stuffed collectables prove that they are still in high-demand among a certain clientele—one user is even asking 680K for Pouch! As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s gold.

See below for the most expensive Beanie Babies that have actually sold on eBay. Oh, and get ready to dig through those trash bags—you’re going to want to double-check those tags in case you have a rare plush toy on your hands.

Growing up, Pouch was an all-around favorite. (Who can resist that adorable joey in her front pocket?!) However, this particular kangaroo is special because of its errors, the biggest one being that its tush tag says “Bongo” (you know, the monkey!) instead of Pouch.

Maybe this bear was praying to be sold at a high price, because you definitely don’t see a $5,000 Beanie Baby every day. However, it’s worth noting that this product also has a tag error, making it more valuable than what the normal asking price would be.

Created in honor of Princess Diana, the purple bear comes with a royal-worthy price. This particular collector’s item is brand new and still in its original packaging, which is the main reason for its large asking cost.

Since Rainbow retired in 1999, it makes sense that its price tag spiked. This particular blue and teal green Beanie Baby was sold as unused with the tag as good as new. But since the tag mistakenly states red, blue, green, and yellow, the error also contributed to the massive dollar amount.

Not only is this 21st century bear an important representation of the new millennium, but this one-of-a-kind packaging presents it in a compelling way. An added bonus: This item comes from the Special Ronald McDonald House Charities Collection.

Dating back to 1997, this OG Beanie Baby is one of the most colorful toys from the collection. Although it’s marked as used, the tag is protected and is still in mint condition, and multiple errors have made it more valuable.

Rocking the tie-dye shell, Claude the colorful crab was created in 1996. This item is brand new and is in perfect condition, according to the description, besides the errors on the tags.

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